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My son does the same thing. Have you considered just leaving him with your dh for a bit and getting a break? After getting pregnant with my daughter, my son started to do that to my *husband*. he would scream for papa all the time. The first few weeks of me taking him were difficult, but he's learned to accept it.  
I'm so, so very greatful for my husband!
i couldn't read and not respond! after so many years reading your posts, I feel like I know you! PM me if there is anything I can do
I started a month ago today. It's been amazingly wonderful. I did feel very sleepy for the first few weeks.
wow! thank you so much for the responses! I did get to go, and it went waay better than expected. I did end up taking the single stroller. It ended up being overkill, but would have come in hand if my toddler decided to throw a fit.   I forgot to mention that due to some issues with DD's birth/pregnancy, I can't really carry my toddler. (really bad SPD that hasn't resolved). I actually can't hip carry my daughter now that she's a bit hefty. (I'm working on it though...
thank you thank you thank you all!   Ok, I've got my wrap out, and I'm feeding toddler right now. baby is napping. toddler woke up happy, and we've been praciticing gentle, gentle all morning, along with 'wave hi from far away'.   I've got baloons, toy car, stickers, measuring spoons in a ziplock plus snacks all in one diaper bag. 25 minutes to go time!   Crunchmommy, that *does* help! I'll post moreo later.
subbing! Outside we look at all the stuff in our backyard. Inside, we get a lot of play from kitchen items, playing tag etc. And you can always have another baby, they are great for toddler entertainment! lol!
BTW, thank you for the dollar store tip! I'm running around the house *right now* looking for items. I'm sure we have baloons somewhere!   ok 90 mins till go time!
Thank you for your reply. It's in a church-- I've been there once before; but couldn't go to meeting regularly because of work. Now I SAH, but have been afraid to leave the house for the past 6 mos! I should be able to park close to the entrance, but there is a bit of a walk when we get inside.   So you just walk your toddler in? He will reliably hold your hand? I worry about him running off while I'm trying to care for my daughter. I feel like I need a way to secure...
I have two under two, and every outing (which I've had, like 3) have been a disaster. My dd is 6 months, my son is 22 months. There is a LLL meeting this morning at 10 that I really, really, really, want to go to.   I'd like to know how you super moms would handle these situations:   My husband will help me load them in the car; but how would you unload them at the LLL meeting? And get them back in the car and the end? What do I do if my son needs to be dragged...
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