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Quote: Originally Posted by thyra Yeah, I know that in home care is ideal, and it would be difficult for your DH to give up seeing ds around the house. However, given how much trouble you're having with nanny's, could you come to a compromise on how long to keep "testing" different nannies? Try one more, 2 more, 3 more and then switch to out of home care? You could look at daycares during the testing phases with new sitters, there would be no rush to...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamitaM she could have lied so that you wouldn't be mad at her for not showing up. did she come in today or go to another job she had? she's been coming in all week. Due to an unfortunate shopping cart toppling incident on monday (I was alone, no ds), I stayed home on tuesday, yesterday and had a chance to observe her all day for the first time. With everyone else I've left dh with, i've done this for days. TBH,...
I'm so sorry smeep. I don't have any ideas for you-- perhaps call around to the local mega churches and see if they know of any place to point you? I called 211 for MIL a few months ago and everything seemed pretty wait listed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama I use the Target ones. They do have spaghetti straps but the bra part itself is supportive enough for me along with the straps for a little added support. With regular bras, and I assume this is true of tanks with bras, you want the band to do the real support, not the straps. The band should generally be tighter than you think it should be! Oh! I understand about straps not providing support! I am just...
I guess I should tone it down! But watch out when the new baby comes!
I came across this page a few days ago. the info seems pretty accurate, if not a little cynical. You can see he has an entry for 'escrow abuse'.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teenytoona Yeah, I've got some research to do... What exactly is PMI and escrow? Why would you be unwilling to do escrow? PMI == mortgage insurance. If the mortgage company decides that you don't have enough skin in the game (mostly about 20% of the home value), then they'll require you to pay an insurance company to insure the mortgage. If you default on the loan, than the insurance company will reimburse the bank...
your mom doesn't have to agree with you, but she should respect you. My mom and I have minor disagreements which we both are trying to handle more respectfully.
kind of ot, but you might want to include a note to list ingredients when they bring it to class. I used to have a tough time navigating trying to figure out if 'slime soup' was vegetarian or not.
dh graduated with 8k. he went to community college for 2 years, and then public school and worked most of the time.
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