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mattress on the floor saved my sanity. DS never fell when one of us wasn't in the room, but we were always afraid he would.
anyone else still watching? This was the newest thread I could find...
yeah!!! congratulations!!!!
I wonder if you could get a gift cert to one of those cleaning companies.
we found this product http://www.amazon.com/PediaCare-Vapor-Plug-Unit-Nightlight-Refill/dp/B000SIDJ16/ref=sr_1_12?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1288132929&sr=1-12 at tom thumb in around 11pm at night when my son had a cold. he slept better than he had in a week! I was very skeptical (and desperate) when I bought it, but I can't recommend it enough. ETA, we also put the baby in a smaller room with a lower ceiling (he was in our room with us), to help the humidifier/vaporizer work...
thank you thank you thank you! using the online manual, I see how to move the strap back and forth. Also, I see the instruction holder, which is probably where my manual is!
Quote: Originally Posted by PoetryLover So if your MIL's name is Beth, you call her Beth Mom? I say, DH's mom a lot when referring to her. yup. It sounds totally ridiculous, but it's something everyone can live with. And you get used to it after a while-- I mean, how many people are called things like meemaw and the like! If you are comfortable, post kids, you can switch to something like grandma beth. Come to think of it, we culturally put...
I never could. Its so much more than a title. When we started dating I called her so and so aunty, but i barely met/spoke with her. dh did the same with my parents. Our compromise was to switch all the aunt's uncles with mom's and dads. So dh calls my dad dad etc. That being said, I'm still not comfortable calling MIL j-mom because of they way she's treated me. To her, I try not to say anything, to other people I always say Dh's mom.
does anyone know where I can find a manual for the truefit online? I'm trying to figure out how to move the crotch strap.
Quote: Originally Posted by DivineMrsM oh, come ON! sexual overtones??? seriously?? gah. yup. she didn't say the car was girly. She said too bad the car is girly. I think it's possible that the offended mother read it that way. It would explain her 'over-reaction'.
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