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Quote: Originally Posted by blessedmama59 Dalia- Your previous post was very reassuring..thank you SO much for that! What exactly is a mommy's helper? Is it like a babysitter, a friend, someone you hire? I ask bc I have seen several ppl talk about them, but never really knew exactly what/who they are. not dalia, but just wanted to jump in-- The most common definition I've seen of a mother's helper is someone (that you hire) who watches/plays...
I don't think it's only the girly thing, but also that you called him handsome. The way I read it, it had a sexual overtone. How would you finish that statement "you are so handsome, too bad your car is girly or I would ????" I think that's the part that would send me over the edge. If the roles were reversed and my teenage daughter was receiving messages like that from a friends father, I think everyone would be up in arms!
Yeah... I think I do sound pretty silly. I switch words around as in: "Oh baby waby, you know mama loves you up-es! Yesh she does! She loves you so much-es! But you can't kicky mama no mores because deres a sistah in her tums! Yuppers!". Totally nutty, cannot stop myself.
nope. clean like a finger. It's real obvious when you see it, that that you don't have to do anything special. We didn't know to clean underneath his scrotum for the first day-- just new parent sillies. I am worried about having a girl though!
ouch! ok, it looks like I need to at least tone it down a bit. I'm honestly not sure where it comes from-- I never thought I'd be a big baby talker. I definitely don't want to do anything that will confuse ds further.
Quote: Originally Posted by Linda on the move You tell him "no." yeah, I'd go with this. If he's old enough to understand, I'd maybe talk to him about how we support businesses with our money.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan Isn't it better that GMO be used for stuff we aren't putting into our bodies? I thought part of gmo was to make plants resistant to insects so that less pesticides are needed? Does someone have a link (not Mercola, he annoys me) that explains why gmo-cotton would matter? mercola annoys me too, but I think you might be on the wrong thread. I was excited to see if op liked her new machine!
ours was 170. level 1 with a tech.
I would, especially if I didn't have to coordinate a lot of schedule (work, other kids school etc).
Quote: Originally Posted by Peony Totally. My kids have all ended up outboard once #2 came along because separation was key. yes, I've been worrying about this as well. We'll be 16 mos and nb.
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