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I have a really hard time with analog clocks, and it causes me problems to this day. I also think there is something neat about the way the hour hand moves closer to the bigger number as the minute hand moves around the clock. It's an important concept. That's something that is lost in a digital world.
well... I talked to my ob, and they will give me the records for 25 dollars for the first 25 pages, and then a dollar a page after that. Why are they so expensive? I'm going to talk to my ob and see if they'll wave the fee-- I'm still at the same practice. I'm calling the hospital today.
I dunno... i think it should be ok for women to go off on a rant about a provider they feel didn't do them right. I would just try and have rules and guidelines. Maybe a statement or board up as a sort of UA, acknowledging that provider/patient experiences are complicated and unique... something like that. I also agree about needing a group like that-- I did have a c-section, but my ICAN group seems so focused on vbac/natural birth. It's just not what I need to get...
Quote: Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes Once I brought DD to the potty in the food store. There was one stall and one woman waiting. I asked nicely if I could go in first b/c only DD had to go (she was about 22 mo at the time) and she looked at me and said, "NO. I've had a long car drive and need to go." You never know? I struggled with urge incontonance as a college student; there have been times that I really couldn't afford to let someone...
I'd go with a comfort food-- mashed potatoes, soup, cookies. kind of ot, but we are south asian, and have a whole category of post partum foods. (Foods that are good for nursing, healing, backpain, etc). They all taste awful though!
my husband flip flops all the time. after my son was born, he started making 'one and done' comments. Yesterday we were driving to wm, and he stated that 4 was his limit. I'm pregnant with spd, and was thinking that sure, we could have 4 if he was willing to gestate the last two. I firmly believe that one no is a no, when it comes to having kids, so I'd ask him to table the discussion for a while.
I wore a pair to a fancy dinner out with my sister and her boyfriend yesterday. Where is my 'forgive me, I'm pregnant' shirt? Oh. I outgrew it.
congrats! And she's adorable!
I would not expect someone in their 80's to travel much. my grandparents traveled a bit until last year when my grandfather got an ulcer in the plane, and ended up having a stroke overseas. It's all individual, but traveling is hard on the body.
calphalon makes golden colored bakeware. Maybe check and see if yours is shaped the same as one of theirs?
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