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Quote: Originally Posted by Zenbuoyant wow. How did she react when you said no after she $olicited a penis $urgery for your healthy son? She didn't. This was very, very late in pregnancy. I mentioned to her that I was afraid ds would be circed without our knowledge, and she said not to worry that it would have been her doing the circ, and she knows not to do it to our son. it still doesn't make it ok. I felt differently about circ pre kid...
Quote: Originally Posted by namaste_mom One technique that we use for biting...we tell the children that it is inappropriate but that they can lick instead. Yes, it is kind of gross but it works for us and usually results in giggles because I can lick back. you could always switch noisy kisses for bites as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna really? I am guessing it must be a CNM, personally I wouldn't want someone that does that to babies to be my caregiver. yup. she won't do episiotomies though. That's just barbaric :rollseyes: My ped discourages people from circing, but still preforms them. I don't understand how dr's can do that?
Quote: Originally Posted by mwherbs I think no matter that this may be how things are often done you should state your expectation and disappointment to the mw and the doc or at least leave a note for that ob...it may help to improve care in the future It was very difficult for us, (in fact, we even rescheduled our pp appointment from the mw's waiting room), but we did talk to the midwife. I was proud of myself for explaining that we would have...
I did public school. I sacked the same lunch from elementary to high school. apple jelly sandwich, snack size yogurt, bag of chips, capri san/juice box. Not the healthiest, but it was vegetarian!
Quote: Originally Posted by zinemama Well you know...it does look like a little worm. Nothing wrong with that. don't they all look like little worms at that age?
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna Wierd. Are they possibly asking so they can share info about the process? I can't imagine they actually perform circ. Did ask them why they keep asking you? my mw preformed circs. I would ask them why they keep asking.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1jooj ILMBB, it sounds like you have a start. Please anticipate that this can be a rocky road. I have found that, for a long time, we had to do a lot of back-and-forth on financial decisions, and decisions that were probably minor for a lot of our peers became major for us. The big thing is to remember that your life is not like the majority of those around you. And I recommend making a real effort to recognize the positive...
It's always appropriate to say that 'you look great!'. I'm pretty conservitive in the workplace, and I htink "you look nice today" is ok even there. Comments on specific body parts etc are inappropriate, unless you are also friends outside of work. Some comments I have heard that should not be said. "Wow, you've lost a lot of weight!" "Woah, you used to be really fat!" "Just a few more pound and you'll be turning heads." "Are you anorexic? How did you loose so much...
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride I would have thought people working in that field would know how strong their drugs are.... Stormbride, I'm so very sorry for your experience. And you are absolutely right-- they should know exactly how the GA drugs work, even though those kind of sections arent that common anymore. s.
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