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*SEEM not week. Crazy iPhone.
I'm relieved there are quite a few of us 40 and ups! It's making this week a little less "dangerous" for me. I'm really sorry about your losses, Emilula. BTDT, and I know how scary this time around might be for you. I'm still trying to stop sweating it myself! Good luck and sticky dust!
I'm blessedbyblues, but my name is Lisa. I'm FORTY, and I had fully intended to have all my baby-making done by 29. My oldest turned 20 in December, after all. C'es la vie! I have had five MCs and a few stretches of plain ol infertility due to my asshat thyroid. Finally, I got my second baby in May 2009, and he is sleeping here soundly beside me. He's the light of our lives, really, and he does NOT want a baby in the house LOL. I had a MC in early November, and that is...
Wrong board, ducky. Also, vaccines do sterilize their victims.
I know this thread is old, but I just read the whole thing. Re: the genocide comparison comment that was found so abhorrent by another poster, I want everyone to understand that straight from the donkey's mouth came the FACT that "vaccination is population control," because these poisons are rendering our children infertile. Yes, Bill Gates himself admitted it. I have always, always, since I first learned the truth of vaccines, understood the connection between death and...
*therapist or pediatrician. Please pardon my fat thumbs. They don't mix well with iPhone.
Have you thought to track what he is eating daily and noting his behavior along with it? This is a frequent suggestion when consulting with a generalist or pediatrician on SPD. My LO is the same age as your boy, born May 09, and he is on the spectrum and was diagnosed with "mild" SPD. Diet change rid him of most symptoms of SPD, and made him an altogether more pleasant child to be around. There has been no more spitting, hair yanking, shin kicking, dog slapping, or gut...
That baby is just such a cutie! He's certainly happy and healthy looking for all the milkie troubles you two have shared. This is such a great story! Please update again soon. I'm sharing this with a friend who "couldn't" nurse and who later learned how statistically unrealistic that was. She's pregnant again, so fingers crossed! Keep up the good work!
We eat a grain-free, organic, whole foods diet, so whatever I have in the house is okay for LO to eat. He's on the spectrum and we previously restricted dairy, but now he eats local, raw milk cheese, drinks grassfed, raw milk, and enjoys an almost daily serving of local grassfed yogurt. Sometimes, he will only drink a glass of milk or have yogurt with salt and pepper for dinner, and ask for meat or veg later. His small, growing body is obviously on a different...
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