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Sue delivered both of my boys at Wadsworth-Rittman hospital - or as she would say, I delivered them, she was just there :).   I had a lot of complications and I believe at any other hospital with any other caregiver, I would have had an emergency C with my first and a repeat C with my second.  Instead, although I had some interventions, I felt completely in control the whole time - including a shower and breakfast on the second day of my induction with my first...
I know this is a really old thread, but Sue Hudson is AMAZING!  She used to be at Wadsworth-Rittman and is now at her own practice connected with Dr. Bowden in Wadsworth. http://wellspringwomenshealth.com/
Hi, I'm new here.  Our amazing doctor just closed his practice and I'm at a loss.  We've done some selective vaxing, but stopped after my 6 year old developed food allergies.  I'd love a family doc, but I'm willing to see a ped too.  I'm in Akron, but willing to drive for a good doc.   Thanks so much!
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