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Here is my issue. DS is finally sleeping better. To bed at 7pm up to nurse 3 am and up for the day at 630 or 7 am. But my breasts are waking me up. He has been doing this over a week now. I keep waking up at 130 am. If I pump before bed at 9 I wake up at 1 but go back to sleep okay. If i do not I end up pumping in the middle of the night under the Xmas tree. I dont want to keep pumping before bed. I can not figure out how to stop and still sleep. The only time I...
I want to be invited too. I have a nursing concern. Lona Caires. There is only one.
Our 3.5 y/o has refused to use his balance bike for a year and a half now...he MUCH prefers a tricycle and gets pretty upset if we suggest trying the balance bike.  That said, the two year old present (actually got it for Christmas, so 20ish months) that has gotten the most mileage is our playmobil 123 (the toddler line) farm house with people/animals.  It serves double duty as a doll house but our very much into animals guy loves that it is a farm (with horses and carts...
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Sorry I answered the question on the end of the first page.  I will look for support from my darling wife.  She has taken such good care of our son and I am so happy to become a new mom with her again.     See my last post for the latest question.  
Top three movies of all time... well my classic favorite is "The Philadelphia Story" with Katherine Hepburn,  favorite campy movie is "But I'm a cheerleader" and I also really like "Willow".  What a fun question.  It really made me think.     Here is a follow up:  What do you most look forward to teaching your baby to be?
I am the non-gestational mother to our 2.5 year old son.  My partner stays home with him.  He has recently come off of a 3-4 month Mommy phase.  I am the Mommy and my partner is the Mama.  What we did to help this is just what you would think. I stopped getting to him first when I was around and he was upset.  If he demanded me, we told him Mama is helping him right now.  It is her turn and Mommy will be with him later.  I work 32 hours a week so I am a little bit novel...
That is so awesome!  The cool thing is that since your triplets will be your first you will never know the difference.  It will just be natural for babies to come in threes to you guys.  
I was wondering what other lesbian moms were out there in our DDC.  I was the non gestational mom last time and the pregnant partner this time.  It is such a role switch in some ways.  My partner feels weird expecting a baby and feeling fine...you know because last time she was so sick.  I am showing really early which makes it hard not to tell people and she really wants more people to know so it feels more real.  Its interesting. 
I am new to the group.  My due date is 5/15/13.  This is child number two for us.  My partner had our son 2.5 years ago.  We weren't going to tell my mother when she visited because I was only 6 weeks and we weren't ready.  She lives really far away and visits sporadically so I had mixed feeling about not telling her in person while she was around.  So she was visiting and I was showing her pictures of our son on my computer and one pops up of a positive home pregnancy...
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