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I apologize for my absence on here! lotsa busy goin on in my life currently! I wanted to share my experience with Vitex! I was waiting on my first PPAF to arrive (pretty impatiently) and decided to give it a try, I took 800mg a day in capsule form and within a couple weeks I found that I had a thermal shift and definitely O'ed!  I just had my first PPAF!  I am sure my body was trying to O before I tried Vitex, and I feel that it helped nudge things along for sure. So now...
oooh all this possible ovulating is exciting! hope everyone gets wonderful timing!  I realized after reading my last post that my lack of patience is a bit silly     I will continue taking Vitex, but my DD is just so nursie nursie that I don't see us cutting back anytime soon....Its strange, I am having EWCM almost everyday but no O yet! 
Hello Mamas! I had to join this group! I don't know anyone in the same situation and I need someone to talk to! I am 24, my Husband and I have two beautiful littles, DS is three and DD is one. My cycles have not returned yet, DD still nurses like crazy all day and night, so its no surprise that I haven't gotten my first PPAF!  I am feeling frustrated, impatient, and a bit discouraged as I wonder how much longer I will be waiting... could you please add me to Trying to...
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