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DD3 was born at 39 weeks - 9lbs 14oz, no problems. Her big sister who was born at 42 weeks weighed a whole pound less.
I second the recommendations above, and I'd also suggest reading "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" - the Bradley techniques were a huge help to me during my second dd's birth - and reading as many natural birth stories as you can.
I suppose, if he was circumcised, he wouldn't have the "ridged band". It's kind of hard to see anyway; does anyone have a link to a good photo? Retracted, if you see it, he's intact - if you see a scar instead, he's circumcised. Doesn't he know? EDIT: Some photos of the ridged band: http://research.cirp.org/index-e-image.html http://research.cirp.org/fig4.html
That is one of the most insane things I've ever seen... especially the reason given - he's supposed to be "generous" and do it so 100 boys can have it done for free??? What??!!
Quote: Originally Posted by knitted_in_the_wom Ummm...yeah. Why make ANYTHING illegal then? I mean really..."Well since honor killings are considered barbaric here, with no benefits to society and have been made illegal, I decided to hire a hack with a butcher knife to kill my wife rather than hiring a professional asassin who could have done the job neatly and painlessly." : I don't doubt there are some loonies who would try such a thing...
Quote: Originally Posted by snowgirl Wow, I didn't know you can restore the foreskin. Thanks for the thread. DH is circ'd but not fully. Only a little of his glans is showing. I always ask him if he is sure he was circ'd. He was born in Sweden in 1971. They must do it differently there. So DJay, you are saying he can restore it? I am assuming it might be pretty easy for him since he is not tightly circ'd. I don't know if he wants to, but I will...
I first saw the midwife at about 8 weeks with this pregnancy (my fourth), and it was about the same with the others, if I recall correctly. Even though I'm not very concerned about the medical aspect of seeing the midwife early vs. halfway through, this time around I definitely preferred to start early, simply because this is a different midwife than I had before and I like having the chance to get to know & feel comfortable with her over the course of the pregnancy.
I didn't care for the wording, either. The term "coach" is paternalistic, and I also don't think the sports metaphor really fits that well (although Bradley does use this metaphor in a way that makes sense when he talks about an athlete not tensing muscles that aren't in use, the term sort of suggests strain and competition, which is very anti-Bradley actually). Anyway, though I was annoyed by the wording, I did find the techniques very helpful during my second dd's birth...
None of my 3 dropped until I was in labor, either.
30yo DF, no problems ever. All the men in his extended family, no problems (that he knows of). Oh, yeah, and most of the other men in Germany, too.
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