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Well tomorrow is Amnio day. I am super nervous about having a giant needle shoved in my belly. my regular OB is now pushing for a c-section based on a prior shoulder distocia and pelvic fracture at my last birth, but considering I am having this baby 3 weeks earlier than my last I don't see the point in that, so I politely took her information and said i will see how things go. Lucky she is not on call this weekend, so I doubt a csection is in my future. 
Still so nervous, and I have been super grouchy lately too so it must mean labor is close because I am usually grouchy labor and I just want to sleep a lot. I really want a doula this time around, but DH says birth is private and dose not want anyone else there. Sigh. I know I will make it I just almost wish I had an easy button to push to get baby here.
My last induction was not horrible they kept me on a very low dose of pit, but man when i had baby #3 (this is #7) it was a 5 hour hell with the pit turned up as high as it would go!  Well I guess I will go pack my hospital bags, I may just sew a birth skirt or something for the occasion, LOL!
Yeah, I see your point.Its so confusing at this point, because basically everything I know about birth is thrown out the window. Go into abor usually means stay at home as long as possible and then head to the hospital.  Anyone know of cervical ripeners besides EPO I can take that wont put me into labor but make my cervix more favorable? I am a "fingertip" dialated right now.
Well this high risk pregnancy stuff has sucked big time! Doctors finally came to the conclusion its baby time, they want me to be in the hospital before labor starts hooked up to a stress dose of hydrocortizone so I dont die, lovely right? So on thursday I am going in for an amnio and if all looks good with the lungs its baby time! the wonderful hell of an induction. maybe I will go into labor on my own, but I doubt it, I will be 37 and one day on thursday, so its not as...
Looks like giant boogers, thats best way I can describe it. 
I  may be next, I am only 36 weeks and a couple days, but because of going down hill pretty quick o the high risk thing they are talking induction next week~!
Our experience with G diapers was the same, except ours back up and spewed raw sewage up into our neighbors bath tubs and ours they were horrible. I would never ever use them again. 
How do you account for 70% of the people or more who have come down with Pertussis in Whooping Cough out breaks recently have been fully vaccinated? It sounds like zero percent herd immunity to me. I have yet to see a study that proves vaccines to actually be safe and effective in humans, I have asked pro-vax people but not a single one has yet to produce such a study.
Have you tried the new Boingo fasteners yet? They are supposed to be great for boys because you use them on the hips like pins.
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