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I had a 168 after eating 3 slices of watermellon on the 4th, it was the watermellon! Thanks for the link I will look into it. I am going to make a meal plan and get to the grocery store tomorrow armed with a plan. I am going to try to stay about 80% Raw Vegan, except I will be eating eggs from my chicens. I know there are treated super well and I have been craving them like crazy! ;)   Oh what is everyones A1C? mine is 5.6
Thanksfor the tips you all.  I was a borderline diabetic and then I got pregnant and poof everything went out of control. I met with my diabetes counseler yesterday and I was shocked an how completly clue less she was. I told her that I don't like to eat wheat becasue it makes me sick and she said "Its ok you can substitute with whole wheat bagels, crackers, tortillas." umm what? I just said I don't like to eat wheat. I just played along because clearly she wasn't...
  My due dates (based on LMP):   Naegle's method (from http://www.josephsunny.com/medsoft/nagel.html) : Feb 2, 2012   Today's Parent & BabyCentre January 31, 2012   Mittendorf-Williams:  Feb 5, 2012   Ultrasound Feb 6, 2012   I am sticking with the last week of January because I will need to be induced because of diabetes, Addisons, ad high blood pressure/.
I am having a horrible time with my fasting numbers and despite everything they are not coming down. i tested one night every time i got up to pee and it wasy high. Its like the second my head hit the pillow it went up and stayed up. Can anyone help with idea? they are talking about putting me on insulin!
Wow what a story! I could not imagine going that long. what a blessing things turned out ok!
We are not finding out. My husband wants it to be a surprise and after 6 kids I figure I can let him have his way this time.
Like and posted to facebook, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1288557222 I do have high security settings so I don' know if you can see it.
I have been living on toast for the past couple days too. Uggh. I just don't have the energy to cut up fruit and make a smoothie. I will do it tonight! i will!
After 6 kids my belly is not worth taking pictures of. Its all battle scared and flabby. I think I will spare my posterity.
I have fallen in love with MetroMint water. I sip it through out the day and its an instant relief!
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