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Hmm, interesting. I don't swaddle much past the first few days because baby pretty much hangs out in the sling. I don't know if I agree with this though. 
I still have the birth beads from my last pregnancy, I love them! Sign me up!
I just painted our kitchen! :)
Ohh i like the meals idea. Usually my church will bring meals for a week so I forget about that I don't feel like cooking for the at least 2 weeks  
Well I have to buy all new for this baby, so I thought we could have a thread to keep track of what we need to buy or make for baby. I feel like a first time mom its been 4 years since I have had my last baby and there is lots of new things, rules, etc.   Car seat Diaper Bag Cloth Diapers ( I manufacturer these so I will most likely pull from my stock) Tees ( I want to buy blanks and dye/ embelish) Baby hats Swadles( I have made a couple of these...
No, I haven't how do they rate for safety?  
No shower here, this is baby #7. It seriously makes me not want to buy their products anymore. Why would they not make replacement parts for seat until they have expired?
Totally bummed.I saved one item from my last baby,a $300 Britax. I pulled it out of storage and the harness is torn, it most likely tore when we moved. I called Britax for a replacement part and they said my seat is obsolete and they don't have the part. What?Its only 3 years old! I am so frustrated, because now I have to buy a new seat and I most likely won't be able to afford the items I wanted to get ( wants not needs). I really wanted a Kelty Baby Backpack....
Our new little one will be Zenevieva Annette, we will call her Zen for short. I am in love with the name, everyone else hates it.  
I love Fern and Ameila, Not sure on Magnus. Its one of those names that I have a love hate with. 
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