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Birth number one, i was 17 and clueless. I went in to the hospital the night before for labor and was sent home and told I was not in labor. I continued to feel mild cramping through out the day. I thought nothing of them, they didn't hurt that bad, but I called my doc as the nurse at the hospital suggested just to check in.   My doctor said I was most likely not in labor but to come in and get checked. I drove my self to his office and waited for an hour and a half in...
  Would never touch artifical sweeteners they are horrible for you and cause more problems with blood sugar than real sugar. I eat lots of Nuts.   Saguaro Moon. i actually have Ani's Book, I forgot that I did, its packed away in my mountain of boxes because we are getting ready to move. I am going to dig it out. I did make some raw cashew cacao ice cream and some raw eggnog cookies yesterday and that really helped. I think i am just going to have to have an un-cooking...
Thanks. Its just a bummer that everything I am used to eating I can't. Beans are too high in carbs, so is brown rice. If I eat the higher carb stuff I am going to on insulin and the I am forced to birth in a very unfriendly to natural birth hospital. I am so stressed. 
May 14th with a Girl!
Oh yeah I can't touch carbs or sugar. My doctor told me its a misconception that diabetics can have sugar.     Normally I eat mostly Raw Vegan, sometimes paleo,this is for health more than anything . But now veggies make me gag. I literally just want to eat cakes and cokies and pies. 
All my standbys are making me gag, and the green smoothie I normally drink every morning, made me gag today. Uggh. I am craving white bread with baloney and fake cheese slices, heck anything fake cheese, cheese burgers, shakes, candy cookies. All the stuff I can not touch because diabetes. Help! Anyone one care to share so yummy recipes or ideas? I am having a bad day, I am thinking I should go back to bed and try again tomorrow. 
Uggh, a little pissed today. I got up early rushed around and got to the MFM early for my appointment and OOPs, the doctor is not there and my ultrasounds was scheduled wrong. So now I have to go in, again tomorrow. Except to morrow I have no one to watch my 6 kids, so yipee I get to take them ALL with me. What a joy. Some one is bound to be tired, hungry, and picking on one another. I just wanted a nice peaceful time with DH and now he can't come either. grrrrr> 
Yeah its a bit long, but we will will use the shortened version. I have never met someone with this name and I am so excited Dh is on board with it. Now if we find out that this one is a boy we are stuck, LOL!
Thanks! I am not sure if its pronounced zen-neh-vee-EH-vah or  Zen-neh-vee-va, but i like the first way best. 
Aha! I knew there had to be a names thread. So I am x-posting this...     DH and I want to use a different name, something that is off the beaten path. So we picked the name Zenevieva which we think is pretty( Its ok if you don't like the name, I know its different.) We thought we could call the baby Zen for short. We told family yesterday and to say they were shocked was an understatement.  We got all sorts of are you joking comments and then my sister butts in...
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