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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a packaging solution for granola bars and power bars. Does anyone here know where I can buy some online? Thanks :)
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a packaging solution for granola bars and power bars. Does anyone here know where I can buy some online? Thanks :)
I work in a hot environment (I'm a chef in a cafe in Southern Arizona), so I can sweat a lot. Out of consideration for my co-workers, I started using anti-perspirant when I work. Otherwise, the only natural deodorant that works for me (and I've tried many brands) is Weleda's deodorant. I use the wild rose one because I love the smell, but they also have a citrus and a sage scented one. It's expensive, but for me it lasts a long time. It's also very high quality. Most...
I'm sorry to hear all that. Her bio father seems harsh. Most teenagers will shoplift (or try to) at least once. I know I did, got grounded for a week or something, with the warning that if I got caught again, the punishment would be worst. When will she turn 18? Is it anytime soon? If so, maybe you can just try to wait it out. 
We wouldn't all live in the same house, but the idea is to stay close to each other for our son's sake. Neither of us can imagine not seeing him for months' at a time, which would be hard for him too.    
Is everything more expensive, but the incomes similar to the rest of the country?   
I'm starting to look for a new area to move in. I currently live in a small town of about 1,000 in the southwest. It feels a tad too small and limiting. I'd love to have a bigger pool of people to hang out with, a bigger community. California is a possibility, as well as Colorado, but in what town? I don't think I wanna move way north, as the winters are too cold and long.  My ex and his wife are both yoga teachers, she also does bodywork and he does graphic design, and...
It's complicated. I'd have to convince my ds's dad and step-mom to move too, and then start all over, make new friends, create a new support system for after-school care etc. And, I do really love my bf. He's an amazing man. Also, I am in the process of starting a business so it's a bad time to move. At some point I think I will move, but where? I'd love to find an area that has a "crunchy" community, but I really don't know where.
How early do you wake up? Is it before or with your kids? If before, what do you use that time for? What time do you go to bed? I'm just wondering. For the new year, I've decided to establish goals, and seriously focus and work on them. That includes getting up early instead of staying in bed and oversleeping. I might actually get to do things like yoga and stretch, and not have to rush!
I tend to end up with many different pieces of clothes on the chair in my bedroom. I usually wear denim mini-skirts over leggings, but here and there I'll wear other kinds of skirts. I'll wear them once, then put them on the chair at night, and they then stay there sometimes for a really long time. Should I just wash them, or put them back in the closet? What do or would you do?
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