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Thank you, Dakipode! I frequently think the same thing, how did women do this hundreds or thousands of years ago? I completely agree about following your gut and not getting rapped up in expert advice. What I realize, though, was that women in most other cultures and times have had a community to help them that we in the US sorely lack. I observe mostly competition rather than support in most of the arenas where I encounter other moms. It makes me terribly sad. I've been...
I know insomnia and night waking are symptoms of depression so I'd think they would also be symptoms of PPD. I find Vitamin D and a B complex to be super helpful for that off feeling and mood disruption generally. Have you checked your D level? Mine was crazy low before supplements.Is anything else new, less help at home, older kids doing something different or new? I'd keep a close eye on it. I know with my DD, PPD presented with tons of anxiety and night waking without...
Hey Mamas!! So glad to see so many familiar names. Thank you Pokey for getting the ball rolling here in the new thread, awesome idea!! My baby bean is 7 weeks old and we're doing well. I am still trying to figure out how to juggle everything, especially household tasks/management and my DD's needs. DD is a great helper but also high needs and high energy herself. At least she adores her baby brother. And the baby is just fantastic!!. He's a champion nurser and growing like...
A much belated post of my two sweetpeas
Hooray for all the babies!! Huge congrats to Hippy, Sila and Meks So sorry I've been absent from the chat since my little guy's birth. Between his champion nursing and trying to keep up with my 10 yo (who is an amazing help but also has lots of her own needs), I've not had much opportunity to be online. Much love to all of you. And wishing those waiting for their babies patience to make it through these last few days. Hugs to all!!
 A quick update, I just wanted to share with you all that my baby boy made his debut Tuesday afternoon at 39+ weeks. I was very worried things were going to move really slowly again, as my water broke before labor began. Once things got moving though, it went super fast. I had a crazy and wild 6 hour labor (nothing like the 52 labor with my DD!). It was so fast and intense but so much more manageable really. I went from 3-fully in a few minutes and pushed him out in 5...
My baby boy arrived yesterday afternoon just before 4:30pm aftet a fast and furious. labor (I went from 3-fully in minutes, he was out in 5 ctxs after that). Not much actually went as planned but we're both well and he's nursing like a champ!
You are just glowing, Granite!! So lovely Here is my nearly 40 wk huge belly!
I vote Luke. It is a longtime favorite of mine
Thank you, Electricalaskan!! That made me feel much better too. Excellent perspective. Well put
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