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Places you'd like to visit Acadia National Park
Cheesecake Climb a mountain or kayak a river?
Love it! Flourless Chocolate Cake
Congrats, coati!! She is lovely! Enjoy your first few weeks mama
Wine! Looking forward to enjoying a glass postpartum Muffins or scones?
Love them!!! Kohlrabi
Do my own! I actually LOVE to grocery shop (especially farmer's market shopping for produce). And I totally hear you 100%mom, it's been 10 years since DH and I went to a movie for us, we periodically go to movies with DD.   Would you rather be able to eat soft cheeses or drink alcohol right now?
Thanks for the new thread, Sila!!   Allison That's so sweet!! My DH is also getting super excited. He actually messed up dates and thought we only had 2-3 more weeks until baby bean arrives. He was so disappointed when I told him that we actually have 5-6 weeks until my due date. I am totally nesting, cleaning, washing, planning and cooking!! In the zone   Hippy I am still having ctx but they actually don't seem as bad. Not sure if I am just used to them, as they...
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