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Everyone looks so beautiful!!   Peacemamalove Would LOVE to see it painted too :)
Lately, catching up on the forums here! Would you rather have chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
Hate it. Pumpkin Pie
Oh Hippy, SO sorry to hear about your hospitalization and scare!! I hear you on feeling like you've failed your little one but please know that is not true! I felt conflicted myself watching IV meds pump into me when I was hospitalized and having to be strapped to the bed on monitors. But you are doing what you should and can to keep yourself and your baby healthy. It is really hard when you reject most interventions to feel okay with them but they are genuinely sometimes...
Hippy Have you had your recheck? That sounds very scary. Thinking of you mama!!   Vaquitita That sounds like what I've been doing. I'm not doing inversions now that he's turned (too scared he'll decide to flip back!) but otherwise sounds just right  I've also been using a rebozo during pelvic tilts/rocking that my doula lent to me. http://spinningbabies.com/techniques/activities-for-fetal-positioning/rebozo-sifting It does require a partner but feels SO good!  I highly...
Hippy I just bought some Earth Mama Angel Baby brand mama bottom spray. I love their products. I bought mine locally but saw them on Amazon too. They have a bottom cream as well but thought I'd prefer a spray myself. I have nipple cream but need pp pads and some sort of tucks-like pads. I am wondering if I could make my own with the bottom spray and organic cotton rounds? How do you do your pads, Meks? Also need to stock up on some teas.
Vaquitita You may want to check out this thread in the  "Understanding Circumcision" thread http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1390481/how-do-your-uncircumcised-and-circumcised-sons-relate-to-each-other-and-dad
Rhea/Raya (could never decide on spelling!)
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