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From what I've read if you go through the extra hassle of having him deposit it at a bank or fertility clinic and then get inseminated there it removes any parental connection, but you'd want to confirm it. Barring that I would get a lawyer that has done this before to draw up a contract for all of you to sign to protect him (like from child support claims) and you (from parenting claims). Its very exciting, good luck!!
This one is really confusing me and my wife. If we are legally married in our state (soon to be recognized in Illinois, married in Iowa), and I am carrying our child and we will both be on the birth certificate, do we still need to do some kind of legal protection stuff for traveling to states like Michigan? Or are they bound to honor our marriage (and thus both of our parental rights) because of the DOMA ruling last June or not since they don't have marriage there?...
Everything is going well so far -- medically at least. I'm super tired of swelling and sleeping horribly but all things considered those are fairly mild complaints. Thanks! Glad to be back :) 
I'm back after a long time away. Last year around this time I was on this board trying to figure out how to get the ball rolling on having our first baby and got just the help/advice I needed. My wife and I are now expecting our baby on April 18th (so you, know sometime around there). 
Thanks for the pm, prettyisa. It looks like with a few more posts I should be able to write back-- i'm currently blocked since I'm new. I guess it's either ten days or ten posts, but here's one more 
Ah ha! I was having the same problem. Thanks for clarification!
I am so glad I joined this forum! Although I haven't made official choices about donors, I agree with pokeyAC and others above that there isn't a simple good or bad choice for anyone and in particular that starting families should not be a privilege accessible only to certain groups of people -- the rich, straight, or any other category. I also looked into this Dr Suzanne Pelka mentioned above (I'm a librarian, I can't help myself) and while she has published a very...
Ok, does anyone have any thoughts on this:   In order to check that everything is in working order I have to go to a reproductive endocrinologist (this is important because sperm is $$ but also because I don't have a thyroid and need to monitor the medication levels, and have had uterine polyps - I'm also a few months shy of 35 and won't be starting until after my birthday) In order to see an RE I have to alert my insurance company I am "seeking fertility...
I would love to get together with all of you! I'm in Chicago, too -- on the northside but I'm happy to find you where ever. I have straight friends that know more lesbian/queer parents than I do (which is none) so I would love to meet some of you in person. Thanks again.  -Martinique
Oh my gosh, this is all so very helpful! Thanks so much everyone. I may have some questions for you in the future Prettyisa! It's really exciting to hear that this worked for you. I am not overly concerned about the religious-based exemptions since I work for a secular, social-justice (at least in principle) based university, but I think I will start figuring out who to go to for all of this. I actually see a midwife for my gyne stuff now and have for years, so I imagine...
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