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Yes there is a light at then end of the tunnel! My co-sleeping 3 year old was night weaned at 18 months. I used Dr. Jay Gordon's gentle night weaning method and it worked. He does not recommend night weaning until at least 15 months. I made a book for my son and read it to him daily for at least 3 months before and since then he has slept thru the night. Good luck!
As a holistic pregnant woman and mama of a toddler, I would love a chance to get to try these products! 
Awesome suggestion! I will try this. Thanks!
Thanks for your input. We never used a paci- so my son hasn't a substitute to turn to. I can see where that would come in handy. We tried the count down - until the sun comes up- and he will become hysterical and won't calm down. that's when i just give in and nurse to sleep.    This is very difficult but i also know i will nurse differently with the next 
I have been nursing for 2 years and my nipples are extremely stretched out and hang. I have such strong beliefs about breastfeeding while at the same time my vanity is in question. My nipples are no longer a source for erotic anything....
I'm in the same boat. my 2 year CANNOT fall asleep without my breast. I can't figure out how to end this- hopefully someone here will have some suggestions for us.
I am in a similar situation. I'm 5 months pregnant and 4 months ago i nightweaned my 22 month old- because of the pain- i nightweaned using Dr. Jay Gordon's method- he has a website. it was a very gentle process and my son took to it. my problem now is that he cannot fall asleep with nursing and it hurts like crazy.  i cannot figure out a way to to stop this...
I am currently pregnant and it's getting to be really painful and a lot of responsibility to nurse my 2 year old to sleep both for naps and for nighttime.   There have been only a handful of times where my husband has been able to rock him to sleep without nursing. I have night-weaned which has made my life a bit more manageable but sometime he nurses for such a long time to get to sleep that it gets very painful and I don't know how I will be able to continue to do...
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