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Quote: Originally Posted by ZoeyZoo ... and we have studies to back up that most of the inactivate vaxes do not prevent transmission. Just wanted to echo this one. In vaccinated children (Inactivated vaccines like the PP said.), even if the vaccine prevents them from showing signs of the illness, they can still harbor it and transmit it to others.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruby2 If you got h1n1 while pregnant, do you wish that you had gotten the vaccine? Would you recommend it to a friend now that you've lived through it? I was diagnosed with H1N1 about 4 weeks ago. It was an official diagnosis via nasal swab that was sent to the lab. It was not that bad for me in that I never felt scary sick. I did feel quite sick, but was able to keep my fever at or below 100.5 easily with Tylenol...
Thanks! And I am done testing with the breast milk!
Thanks again, guys! I'm sure you're right.
Thanks for the comments! If anyone does test this, please let me know!!!! It would greatly help my obsession!
UPDATE: I got two faint, but obvious BFPs with urine. On an equate and an IC. (And another obvious positive with breastmilk.) So, I'm 12 dpo and took two tests this AM. Both negative. Then for grins, I dipped an HPT in breastmilk (using the thinner foremilk) and got a BFP right away and obvious. What is up with this? I know I tried this when TTC #2 and didn't get a positive when I wasn't pregnant, didn't try when I WAS pregnant). Could it be that there is a...
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jay-go..._b_167157.html And responding to comments: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jay-go..._b_167374.html
Hi guys, For some reason, I thought I'd get emails when there were posts to this thread. So, I'm way behind. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts on my post about being ready for another baby, but not ready for a toddler to wean. My first son had just turned 2 when I got pregnant with my 2nd, so I'd reached that milestone and it all worked out even though he did wean 3 months later. Bromache: I feel EXACTLY like you do. It looks like our boys are similar...
Hi all, Mind if I join? We'll likely definitely be TTC by Jan., and may be a little lax this month. I'm just wondering if anyone else feels torn? I REALLY want to nurse my second son until at least 2. On the other hand, I'm not getting any younger, dh travels a lot for work (could easily miss O time any given month), and we would like to be open to a 3rd. My concern is that I wouldn't be able to keep nursing if I were to get pregnant due to my milk drying up. ...
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