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Not only am I a mom to three beautiful daughters but I have two angels in Heaven. In 1999 I lost a child at 14 weeks of pregnancy. I am not sure what happen but I just started bleeding and before I knew it everything was down hill from that point on. Then in 2001 my first born and my only son was killed tragically and violenty. He was only three years old. I remember those days like a blur. I think it is my body's way of preventing me from going insane. Three...
Quote: Originally Posted by SeaClearly2004 I feel like I failed him badly. I just can't see what I did wrong. I just can't stop thinking that I just overlooked every hint he could have tried to give me because I thought that this NASA thing would change everything. . You didn't fail him and you did nothing wrong. One of the steps of grieving is blaming yourself and trying to figure out what you could had done differently. When my son...
I send my girls the year before they go to kindergarten. My oldest daughter was five because she has what they call a late birthday. My next daughter will be four (next year). And my baby will be five because she has that late birthday.
If my kids are not dirty after playing then they didn't play too hard.
Both of my two oldest daughters have done this. My oldest daughter stop around 4 1/2. My three year is now doing it. I just explained to her if she needs to do that she needs to go into her bedroom in privacy. That way there is not a big issue made over it.
The fact that I am going to have to go back to work next year and leave my baby with my mom in her daycare.
Do you really want me to answer this one? Just remember that my two youngest girls are 15 months apart. My oldest daughter was only 3 when my baby was born. First I would not change a thing. I love my girls. They are my world, my life, my center of the universe. In the beginning it was difficult. Try juggling attention to a baby, a one year old and a much needy three year old who wanted mama's full attention. My baby wasn't the easiest baby in the world. She...
I have no problem with asking a parent where my child is playing if they have guns and where they are kept. If there are guns in the house my child is not playing over there. And yes I have my reasons!
Of course being no expert but how old is your baby. Could he be reacting to the birth of a new sibling? (I am new around here) What is he watching on t.v.? I have found when children (as a teacher) watch movies that contain violence, etc that they react in a manner that is what you just described. (referring to movies like Power Rangers) Is there anything different in his life? New school, parent working different hours,etc. I hope you get everything...
Depending on how sick I am. Most of the time I just bear with the sickness but there was one time that I came down with the flu. My oldest child was 3 and she had the flu herself. My middle child was just 7 months old and still nursing. The baby wasn't here yet but pregnant. I had to call my parents to come over and stay with me and help. DH wasn't here that weekend.
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