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Extra virgin coconut oil from the health food store does wonders for the thyroid,it has really help to straighten out my thyroid and it also has helped me lower my cholestrol and triglycerides considerably.
I don't know to much about how to help it,I know more about fatty liver since that's what I had,but here is a website with some recommendations.I hope she can find something to help her. http://ayurvediccure.com/liverdiseases.htm
Essential Fatty acids helps alot and also Aloe gel you drink helps too.Virgin Coconut oil has been helping me with the dry skin.But a few years ago,I drank Aloe gel every day,and my skin and hair and nails were all clear and shiney.I am starting to drink it again,it's hard to get down cause it's nasty,but it takes getting used to.
My hubby is puerto rican and I make the spanish rice all the time and use Annatto seasoning to make it orange.Chinese might use annatto too.
Another thing that helps with stuff like that is caprylic acid. http://www.wholehealthmd.com/refshel...,10111,00.html Other wise if it's from a allergy,I wouldn't wash my undergarments in detergent,use something like baking soda instead and also don't use and soap except for Dove unscented,or just plain water to see if it will clear up.
Take the probiotics,also put a panty liner in your underwear,you might be having a allergic reaction to your detergent.Also ask the doc for some flagyl and then keep the probiotics in you also kefir helps with that kind of stuff.It sounds like your bacteria levels are out of balance.Also you might want to try boric acid capsules,and also have your husband wash his private with some.My husband and I had to do that for awhile,cause I kept getting vaginosis from him.
I would also if you go to the doctor have him checked for Lyme's.And then after they run some tests if nothing specific comes back,have him go to a alternative medicine doctor or a diagnostic nutritionist.
Sounds like chlymadia to me,that usually has green discharge,she needs to go to the ob gyn and get some meds.
I believe you,I had the same thing like that back in 1996,the only one that got me well was a diagnostic nutritionist.I still have to take a load of probiotics to keep the bacteria under control,but I was pretty sick back in 1996,mainstream doctors only know prescibed meds,and they know nothing about taking care of stuff like this.
I would go to a diagnostic nutritionist,one that does the tests for environmental allergies,also you should have your thyroid checked.I have some of the same symptoms as you and I have food allergies and have to eat gluten free,I also am getting a uptake done to check my thyroid.I had environmental allergy tests done at a diagnostic nutritionist's office.
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