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I like to watch Patrick Swayze-Love most of his movies. Diego Luna-he's my new one.Loved him in Dirty Dancing 2. Keanu Reeves-His looks attract me Mel Gibson-Always liked his movies Kevin Costner-His movies are usually good too. And a few others I like.Loved Tom Hanks in The Terminal was a really good movie
We have food allergies here,my daughter and myself both have to eat gluten free and dairy free.I also have allergies to nuts and eggs and strawberries.It's hard to find things we can eat.
Don't know if this is the correct spelling but my ex hubby used to call it Jambought. 2 zucchini cut up 4 or 5 potatoes cut up bottle of spaghetti sauce comes out best in a crock pot Pour half jar of sauce in,add some water so it's half way up,set crock pot to low and throw in the zucchini and potatoes and cover and let it cook on low all day long,just make sure the potatoes and stuff are done and turn off and let it sit uncovered for a half hour and then serve on...
It kind of sounds like Pollo Guisado,basically it's chicken and potatoes in a tomato sauce with jamon and sofrito.I make it for my husband he's puerto rican,but you can get some seasonings without the MSG.I have to eat gluten free,cause I have celiac sprue,so I'm careful when it comes to ingredients.
Neither is good for you but the lesser of two evils is the Splenda,but if you want a sweet natural alternative you can try some Stevia it's pretty sweet.
Sort of,we have two beds in our room and I sleep in the bed with my daughter and my husband sleeps in the other bed,and sometimes we switch and he sleeps with her and I sleep alone.She is going through the stage where she is afraid of being alone in the room and she wants to sleep with someone,hoping she will get out of it soon,cause I miss my husband
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