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Get a lawyer and make him pay for it,that's what I did.Luckily my brother is a lawyer,but my ex had to pay for him and I got money out of the divorce,which I wouldn't have gotten if I did what my ex and his lawyer wanted me to do,they never thought I would give them such a hassle,but my brother is a shark of a lawyer and drug them through the coals.Find yourself a lawyer and don't let your soon to be ex get what he wants.
My daughter usually ends up playing with the boys,because the girls are catty and snobbish to her,so she gets tired of them and seeks the boys out to play with.
I am pretty sure I have a underactive thyroid,I have all the symptoms and I am going to get a uptake and be tested to find out for sure.But was wondering if anyone here has one and if they know of any natural remedies for it,besides kelp and coconut oil.
This child should be tested for celiac sprue,sounds like that is what she has and leaky gut.I have both and it's not fun.
I watched,at least he got something out there about vaccines,haven't ever seen it on any other talk show,maybe he doesn't know about the exemptions,and we should email him and tell him about it.
Good for you,I prove things to my husband everyday with natural remedies.Also if you child is drinking cow's milk stop giving it to them,that is one of the leading causes of ear infections.
I don't remember if I posted on this thread before,I am part Lenape and my husband is Taino,we haven't been to a powwow in over 2 yrs,hoping to find some in my area to go to.Nice to see some other native moms.
I didn't think we were allowed to be sick,or at least according to my family,doesn't matter if I'm sick,still have to drag myself around and wait on them.
stretch cotton capri pants and sleeveless shirts and if I feel pretty a pair of jeans,sometimes I wear makeup,sometimes I don't.
I manage the money and he has know idea about it,but I don't like the fact that he is the sole money maker and I hope to get at least a part time job when my daughter goes to school.I would also like to study something online to get a degree in some kind of field.
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