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I am enrolling my daughter in kindergarden here this year and will have to go to Tampa next week to get the exemption form,it should be real fun The doctor was a barrell of laughs today :
Maybe he should talk to people who have had adverse effects to vaccines,the peoples kids that have autism now from them,or my cousin who's son died from the DPT shot.
I can't stand playdates,I have nothing in common with any of those mothers,besides that fact that I am old enough to be their mother.I feel bad for my daughter though cause she loves to socialize,but I don't.I would rather be alone and do my own thing,luckily she will be starting school in August and meet more kids then and I plan on signing her up for some other activities,that I don't have to be there for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Momtwice Does it sound to anyone else like it does to me, that the dd was coached to "never tell anyone" this stuff, and forgot that she was never supposed to tell anyone? I think so also,that DH was molested also and told to never tell.I wouldn't let DD go near this MIL anymore.And that is why DH is not confronting this.There is something wrong here.
I would have called the police and let them handle it.
http://www.reopen911.org/ Interesting videos and conference,really makes you think.
I don't think there is anything wrong with it,he is very close to you and your a single mom and he just probably feels more secure being next to you.I was the same way as a kid with my mother.If your not comfortable with it,then have a talk with him about sleeping in his own bed,if he is insecure about sleeping in his own room,get him a dog or cat or something to sleep with.Maybe he just feels alone alot of the time and just tries to get every minute possible he can with...
I can sympathize,my daughter is 5 also and she sleeps in our room too,and she will go to kindergarden this year and I am panicked about letting her go.I know I will be a emotional basket when she does go the first day.I have no advice,just hugs and sympathy.
It sounds like it is a common practice at this daycare center to beat on the kids and then at all costs cover for each other.I hope they get shut down.I am sorry your child had to go through this,and I hope you can find a provider that will care for him correctly.
I am so sad for your loss,it's really disgusting what some of these shelters and pet shops do with puppies.As far as parvo goes,I had to take care of many puppies that have it and brought a few through it,the best thing I used was Gatorade,just kept pumping the gatorade in them.It's a awful thing.
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