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My daughter is 5 and 60 pounds,she is into 10/12 shirts.She is overweight,like the rest of my family.She was of normal weight up until last year and then all of a sudden she gained alot of weight and started eating alot.But I am not worried,she will be starting school in the fall and she won't have the opportunity to eat alot and she will be starting with activities and sports and I have always instilled the importance of eating right,sometimes I think it's in the gene...
I would confront her and let the other parents know also.Just the other day on the early show,they showed this woman who had a little son and her son had been crying because he didn't want the babysitter to come,so she set up a nanny cam and what they showed made me want to throw up,I was so infuriated.She sat on this child and rammed a bottle of medicine down his throat and pulled him up while this kids is gagging on the medicine and then proceeds to beat him and he then...
Yes,they are very scary,especially if they have all over hair like a ape and they have everything hanging over the speedo and vericose veined legs.
Any kind of person can be scary doesn't matter their skin color,if someone looks raggy and has a scary look and is acting strangely,I stay away from them.
At least you know that your bio mom loved you,and that she loved you enough to hope to give you a better life.I think it is really nice she sent that letter along and even nicer that your adoptive mom kept it and gave it to you.You have two moms that love you.
Yum!The Rock he is so hot,loved him in Scorpian King and The Rundown
The cervical checks to me were the most painful part of the whole labor and delivery.
Mine was bearable until the very end when she transcended and it was to 10 cm.Then I just screamed,by that time my epidural wore off.But then when they let me push it felt better and then after pushing and finally getting her out everything was fine,it wasn't as bad as people kept telling me it would be.For every woman it is different.
That's florida for you,they asked me the other day at the hospital what my religion was,I said I'm a pagan,thought the ladies head was going to pop off.Guess my hospital bill will be high for not being the right religion.That's good that they are having a tolerance day.They need to have more tolerance days for other subjects also in the schools.
That's totally sick and should be taken off the market,and the Pearls should be investigated for child abuse and their kids taken away.
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