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Your not off base at all,sometimes people think that kids have no emotions or feelings,least that's the way my in laws think,it's like kids and animals are disposable and have no minds to them.And I woudn't leave my daughter with anyone she didn't know,I would have a hard enough time leaving her with someone she did know.
I agree with you and if I saw any of those things mentioned I would be calling child services.
I am celiac,and it is a allergy to gluten that is in wheat,rye,barley and other grains.I can only eat rice and potato starches.Some celiacs can tolerate oats and corn is usually fine,I am allergic to corn too though.I get alot of my stuff from the health food store,rice bread,rice milk,gluten free cookies and stuff like that.Alot of celiacs are also allergic to dairy.It damages your intestines and causes alot of different symptoms,people can also be allergic to it through...
My husband is puerto rican and goes on with the puerto rican pride,when I was pregnant with our daughter he said that she was going to speak spanish and call him papi and be the perfect little "puerto rican princess".Well,almost 6yrs later,she calls him daddy and he doesn't speak spanish with her and hasn't taught her spanish.I wish he did teach her spanish,because it's a language here in florida that people speak alot and it would be to her advantage to be bilingual.
I have food allergies,celiac and also get colitis on occasion from food allergies,and my mother knows all this and still tells me to eat some bread and why do I have to eat so funny.It's like they have selective hearing and reading,or they just don't care.So I don't mention anything any more and just bring my own food wherever I go.So I know how you feel.As for the colitis,have you tried some coconut oil,it seems to help with that.And it's helping my thyroid.
My daughter was small up until she was 3 yrs old,then she got a huge appetite and now she is probably overweight for her age,she's 5 now and 60 pounds.She was a picky eater when she was smaller and she drinks rice milk and eats organic foods,but maybe if she isn't eating to much maybe you could make a health shake for her with some rice milk and a banana add a little sugar and some ice maybe she would like that,or mash a banana up and put a little confectioners sugar on...
He is living with my BIL and his two brothers.He has been with him since December,and will likely remain there until we hopefully get him.He has basically been our nephew for his entire life,even thought my BIL isn't his bio father.He lived with me back in 2002 for awhile also.
I am 100 pounds overweight,I used to be 155 pounds overweight,I lost 55 pounds,and I'm still losing.I have a underactive thyroid and celiac,so I have to eat gluten free,plus a host of other food allergies,along with low blood sugar.I can't do weight watchers,it makes me feel sick.I just eat gluten free now and eat rice bread,I also make myself a health shake with rice milk,a little sugar,ice,banana and coconut oil and mix it up and it's really good,the coconut oil is...
I wouldn't ever hire a teen to babysit my kids,that's just me.You should look maybe into a nanny service or maybe a college student would be a better choice.
Are the kids told they are getting their picture taken for a spring photo,do they bring a note home telling the parents of this?If not,then I think that it should be illegal,I think they should have the parents permission to take the photos.I wouldn't pay for them and I would be complaining to someone about doing the photos without my knowledge.
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