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I think it's disrespectful for my own kids to call me by my first name and I wouldn't allow it,I am Mama and I waited a long time to be Mama and that's what it's staying as.
Have you tried matchingmoms.org to find play groups and moms in your area.Or you could start your own play group on yahoo groups and then advertise it on matching moms and other play group sites.
We live in Florida,my BIL lives in Texas.He dated a girl with a son and then they had two boys,so now three boys.Then she left him for another guy and that guy and her beat and starved the kids.Child services came and took the kids away and gave them to my BIL and now he has them and is going to probably get full custody of his two sons,but the older boy isn't his and her rights have been terminated and he can't afford to keep the older boy.So we want to take him and adopt...
http://www.protectfloridachildren.com This is a petition to make stricter laws for sexual offenders in the state of Florida,but also I think there needs to be a national petition for all states to makes stricter laws for sexual offenders.
No I don't lie and it is my decision and I've read all the literature.And I come right back at anyone that tries to tell me otherwise.
http://www.vaclib.org/pdf/exemption.htm This site you can find all the laws for all states.I don't think they can make you get vaccines.I really don't know how CPS works,but I think vaccines is a parental decision.
I would delay it,the kids won't show up to your sons party if they are all invited to this other party.I would delay it for 3 weeks.
I never let my daughter CIO,I always comforted her and now she is 5 yrs old and the most confident and outgoing child,I know my mother let me CIO,cause I remember being in a dark room in a crib and crying,and I grew up with anxiety disorders and very shy and introverted.So I believe that the article is true,and I just couldn't leave my child to CIO,I know I wouldn't want someone to leave me without some compassion if I'm crying.I always treat my child,like I would want to...
My daughter does that too,I think it's because she is always with me and he works alot so she doesn't see him as much and then when he is home,he isn't giving her the attention she needs.I asked her why she is mean to him and she said it's because she doesn't like him and that he won't let her use the computer or some other reasoning in her mind at that moment,he really doesn't know how to talk to her either,he never just sits and talks to her and I think if he gave her...
My daughter is persistent,and I used to give in,but now I stick with the No and if she keeps carrying on,I tell her that I gave her my answer and if she keeps on whining about it,that she will need to go to her room,because I really don't feel like listening to it.She pretty much gets now that I'm not changing my mind,she is really smart and can be manipulative and I see her work it on my husband and other people.
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