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I think it's a phase they go through my daughter was doing that at 3 and now she is 5 and she is having the imaginary friends,Yu Gi Go's ghost and Green Boy have to go everywhere with us.Their imaginations are exploding between these ages,maybe she would like to be in a theater group or something for toddlers,sometimes you can find them.Good luck
You all have cute husbands and adorable kids
I would still name a child what I wanted no matter if someone else named their child the same name.
I was told that we could rent a 1 bedroom as long as the child was a infant,after a certain age, then we would have to rent a 2 bedroom.I wish we could rent a 1 bedroom,because my daughter doesn't even use her room.She sleeps with us.
My daughter isn't vaxed,we got the food stamps,but not the cash assistance.I think it's a load of crap,but I'm not vaxing her just because the government wants me to,so I borrowed money from family instead.
It's normal,my husband was the same way,and he jumped around in the air the first time she started to breast feed,screaming hooray.Enjoy her,they grow up very fast
She gets a bath every other night,and hair washed with it.
I'm not familiar with them,but if you want to find out from other people try these sites http://www.mymommybizboards.com/ http://www.wahm.com They are work at home mom boards and usually one of them has tried a company out.
The only time I get to go on the computer is early in the morning when they are all sleeping and when he's working,otherwise it's either him or my daughter taking over playing their internet games,and then sometimes it's he and our daughter fighting over who's using the computer to play their games
The Matrix series of movies,my husband loves them and I tried to sit through them,but they just seem stupid to me.
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