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I usually call once or twice a week,and see her maybe once a year if I'm lucky enough,we live in different states
In NJ it's free but in PA it was 12 dollars but they always found stuff wrong so they couldn't pass it and it usually ended up costing me a couple of hundred dollars to get it through and here in Florida they don't do inspections
Sign up for freecycle in her area online, http://www.freecycle.org and people givle away stuff for free,maybe she can get some furniture and stuff through there
I detest winter,that's why we moved to Florida
I drive a paint peeling old 170,000 mile Dodge Spirit.My dream car is a Hyundai Santa Fe or Tucson or a mini van something with more room and nice for traveling.But reality is,we will probably have to settle for a used economy car soon
Why does it always seem like couples seperate after the husband is doing a movie with Angelina Jolie
None of those people are compassionate in Wic offices or welfare,your just another number to them,we had to go to welfare today.They think poor people are dumb people and they talk to you like you haven't a brain.It's very demoralizing having to go there,and I hope things work out for you and your daughter feels better.And I hope we can get some jobs so we don't have to go back to welfare.Word to the wise,don't move to Florida there are no jobs here that pay more then 7...
Ever win any of those contests they have online,what did you win? The only thing I won was some CD's.
Well,sounds like the baby is malnourished and abused and that's why she seems odd.When a child get no nourishment and no positive stimulation,it would make them odd.I would be calling CPS on her and not look back,I could care less if it's a family member.I would call before something more serious happens to the child.
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