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I use ALL F & C, but didn't use it for diapers. It used to say "whitening enzymes" on the label, but now it says "whitening agents" I decided not to use this for diapers because of the "enzymes" Could that be the problem?
Honestly, it may not have been the new neighbors. I may have been someone who drove by and assumed you were doing something wrong. We had someone call the conservation officers on us one time because they drove by and saw a huge pile of brush behind our house that they "suspected" we were going to try to burn during brushfire season. We had no intention of burning the brush, and all of our neighbors knew it. It was just some random nosy-nelly that happened by. ...
We used the K last year for my 3 and 4 year olds, but it was math, not phonics/reading. We enjoyed it. Like others have said, I am glad that I got the year ahead of where they "should" have been. The preschool workbook would have been WAY too "easy" for us last year. Thought I would let you know that, although some people don't like the program, Both of my kids learned to read last year (at ages 3 and 4) with the Hooked on Phonics READING grade K program. I picked...
I don't know where to begin and have a few questions 1. What's a good beginner's pattern? 2. What are the absolute essential tools that you need before beginning? 3. Can you hand piece on an airplane? (taking a flight to new orleans later next month. Thanks in advance.
Wow...not sure what to say, just didn't want to read and not post. Are they getting out of the wire or is something getting in? I kinda wish my rooster would vanish...JK
Quote: Originally Posted by mommaof5 I thought that too, it is not her fault that her arms don't look as young as the others. Actually, I thought helen's arms looked much younger and sculpted than Tara's. I do think she looked older in the face, but that is the nature of loose skin. that said, she looks totally rockin' Congrats Helen!
I have an OLD hand-me-down Kenmore that I recieved when my aunt passed away...it's great and does everything i want it to, except buttonholing. I can't find a buttonholer that will fit it. I would love to have a new machine, but would have no idea what to get. lol
It went really well...I did great and actually had FUN! Thanks!
Well, it's come right down to it. After three years of Tae Kwon Do training, it is time for the dreaded and much anticipated black belt test. Please send good vibes my way so that I don't fall on my face or break a toe! haha. Sorry, I guess to say I am a little nervous would be an understatement. I should be sleeping!
When I buy eggs at the store, I buy organic, free range eggs. Here, they cost $4/dozen. We just got chickens this year, and they have not started to lay yet, but out of 11 chickens, I am hoping for 6 or 8 eggs per day. My chickens will be laying organic, free range (as much as possible with the presence of mountain lions nearby). So, that will amount to about $2 per day in store bought eggs. Sounds good to me. BUT, we are not just in it to save money, because...
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