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How wonderful! Your doctor sounds amazing! So happy for you!
I was coming here to ask the same thing. My daughter nurses so much at night and I am so exhausted all the time. We're going to begin trying to cut out our night nursing, I think we all (including her) will sleep so much better if she is not nursing all night long.
I had Beth Coyote and Geraldine Lee for my last 2 homebirths, and loved them. They no longer work together but I would recommend them both. I also really like Christina Gutierrez, my only experience with her has been at hospital transfers, and she seems great (I work L&D). Christina did have a baby not too long ago, not sure if she is still on leave. Suzanne Thomson is also really liked by a lot of people and I have had one experience with her also, and she seemed great....
beautiful! love the photos. i especially love the one where you are holding belle after birth, and there are no "provider" hands on her, just beautiful! congratulations!
I have had a great experience with them, and have always felt very respected in my parenting choices. All my children see Dr. Danielson. He has a great bedside manner, and is very respectful of our choices. We absolutely adore him!
i posted up the email in a separate thread here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...3#post12958953
Some background: I have 3 children, but have only done ec with my last child. We participated in a local news story about ec back in May when my daughter was 3 months old. I didn't tell my coworkers I was doing ec or that we were on the news (I'm a labor and delivery nurse). Turns out as I expected, that many coworkers saw the news segment. I ended up typing up a long email for my coworkers (that I also sent to family and friends) explaining ec and how it worked for my...
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Can I get a PM of that email? I'm still really really confused as to what EC really is all about yep. i'll send it to you now.
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