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i just made a bunch with an old flannel sheet.....2 ply serged all around, with rounded corners. next batch i make will probably be 3 or 4 ply.
we just use flannel.....5x5 inch squares.
I'd go along with Ann....I'm actually on the lookout right now for just the right festive fabric to use for birthdays. *festive cloth napkins *solid table cloth that coordinates with the napkins *tissue paper decorations (we use these to make Papel Picado, it's a Mexican decoration of cut tissue paper that you string and make banners....if you do a search for Papel Picado, you'll see what I mean)......although it's tissue paper, once you make a few banners, you can...
What kind is it? Congratulaions!
I've done Theresa's bucket hat and it's pretty easy and also cute. I also have her felted slippers pattern that I'm in love with right now. It comes together so quickly, so you get instant gratification (whic I need: ) and it comes with instructions on sizes ranging from newborn to adult. They come out so cute. I've even been able to gift my test ones. Because they're felted after you make, it's pretty forgiving if you have any mistakes.
check Martha Stewarts web-site....she had directions for a ton of home made ornaments.
I used to be able to jump from one forum to the other in the drop down menu at the bottom of a post. What happend to that? It was cool....now, I have to go back to the main page and then go to the forum I want. Can we bring it back?
I'm sorry, but those kits suck. I couldn't learn with them. I'm a hands-on visual learner, so I need to see someone doing it in order for me to "get it". I took a knitting class at a local yarn shop. The project was a baby sweater. It was a lot of fun. If your yarn shop doesn't have classes, the ladies there are usually very helpful and will teach you right then and there.
I don't think you can ever go wrong a gift basket. Maybe you can theme one around Love. Like maybe get a bottle of wine, wine glasses, massage oil, a massage book and maybe one of those rollie massage thingies.
Check out this site. Has some good instructions. http://www.wonderful-things.com/newknit.htm You may want to go to your local yarn shop. Usually, if you buy some yarn or a pattern from them, they'll teach you how to knit. Some of them hold classes....that's how I learned. Another yarn shop I know just has open sessions all day on Saturday where you just drop in with a project and they have people readily available to show you techniques or help decifer instruction...
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