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I have two boys and am pregnant with my third child. We did find out with #1 and #2. I did feel some disappointment when we found out we were having a boy the second time. We are planning to find out this time because I worry that if we found out at the birth that there would still be a bit of disappointment and I don't want that to be part of my memories of the birth. We will also need some time to come up with a boy's name!
Amlikam - (Sorry, phone doesn't quote.) I don't think you have to tell anyone if you don't want to. But it might be less stressful to keep the secret if you claim not to know yourself. Sure, slightly dishonest but sometimes people are just too nosey. I don't have my ultrasound set up yet. I need to set up my next prenatal and then should get to set up the ultrasound at that appointment....
Welcome to MDC! You might get more support in the Family Planning section; there is an infertility subsection. I struggled through infertility to have my first. I tried Clomid and IUI for three cycles (if memory serves) before deciding to use injectable medication and IUI. We became pregnant with a single baby. It is really hard to get through infertility. Hopefully you reach the end of journey soon.
1babysmom - I suppose my post in the other thread was inaccurate since I was referencing avivaromm's post. My apologies for not double checking that post before referencing it. (In my defense I am on my phone which makes web browsing not so easy.)
1babysmom - Read avivaromm's post 7 above yours.
Hm. I have not heard of using progesterone supplementation to increase gestational length. I have heard of progesterone supplementation in the first trimester to avoid miscarriage. I was given progesterone suppositories with my first pregnancy since that was a result of fertility treatments. In the RRL tea thread there was recently mention of studies noting RRL was associated with increased gestational length. (A page or two back.)
I'm pretty sure that our insurance will cover the birth center as out of network while declining to cover a homebirth at all. Even though they likely won't pay much to the birth center, it will fulfill my deductible for the year.   I also like the thought of not needing to worry about my house's cleaniness ahead of the birth or making sure there's enough food in the house before labor (something I didn't succeed at with my second). Going to the birth center will...
tiqa - We planned a homebirth with my second son but needed to transfer to the local hospital. It is a small hospital with one delivery room and I believe a second room which could be used for a delivery in a pinch. They averaged 30 births a month but then one of the local OBs stopped delivering babies and when my son was delivered they were delivering significantly fewer. The younger nurses were very nice. The older nurse was a bit cooler towards us. My husband feels that...
I toured the hospital last night. I might feel a bit hesitant about the birth center but my feelings were quite clear about the hospital: no. I don't want to have a baby there. I still have the prenatal appointment Friday with the hospital midwife. I am going to keep it, ask some questions and hope to hear the heartbeat. Then I will begin care with the birth center midwives next month. (Assuming all is well with baby - still nervous about miscarriage.)
I'm pretty sure that I ate a low carb breakfast before my GTT with my second and perhaps my first as well and passed both times. If you typically eat before 8 am then go for something low carb. If you usually haven't eaten by that time and feel you will be okay not eating then that is an option.
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