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The ironic thing is that I am one of three children. I was excited at first then started thinking about how to arrange carseats, how I will go grocery shopping. My older son will be eligible for kindergarten next year, but he is just a week ahead of the cut off date and his preschool teacher is currently leaning towards recommending another year of preschool. There are the challenges of two napping children on different schedules.
I spent a lot of time trying to get pregnant with my first. Taking Charge of your Fertility is an excellent reference book if you want to read up. It is my understanding that sperm can survive quite a bit of time in the uterus and Fallopian tubes but not in the vagina. The natural flow of the vagina is down and out. In theory, sperm need that fertile, slippery quality CM to travel through the cervix. So if the conditions were not right at the time of intercourse, they...
Luteal phase is the time between ovulation and first day of full flow. Ovulation is a one time occurrence which women can sometimes narrow down to a particular day. Once the egg is ovulated it is viable to being fertilized for approximately 24 hours. If sperm makes it into the uterus, it can survive for up to 6 days which is pretty amazing. Cycle length is number of days between your first full flow day and the day before you have full flow again. The example of bleeding...
Herbs girl - Thanks for the rundown! I'm going to follow that schedule.
It is possible it is too early to get an accurate result. Dollar Tree tests are decent but prone to evaporation lines (do NOT look at test after the recommended time). How long are your cycles typically? It is not impossible to get pregnant from sex a day after your period. However if you are monitoring your CM and didn't have fertile looking CM that day, I would say chances of you being pregnant are lower than otherwise.
I don't remember kid kits although I read those books. But I would suggest googling "busy bags". There's all kinds of little projects that you can put together to occupy kiddos. I'm going to do a swap next week with 18 mamas: we are each making one activity so we end up with 18 different ones. I am planning to take a busy bag or two to prenatal appointments (I'm forum crashing since I most likely will not have a homebirth) to occupy my little ones.
I'm currently expecting my third child. While I did have some "baby fever" and thought this summer would be a good time to have another little one, I am now a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of another baby. When people tell me congratulations, I feel weird, as if congratulations aren't in order. And then telling my dad, he asked if it was a "terrible surprise" and I told him that it was a surprise but not a terrible one. I wonder if these feeling are normal with an...
I made it to yoga today. I am hoping to make it to the gym on Wednesday (will probably walk on treadmill).
Staci - Thank you so much for posting! Nice to know it is possible. I am kind of putting together a "pregnancy plan" to help lead up to a natural birth: staying active, doing yoga, (hopefully) a couple of visits to a chiropractor and chugging red raspberry leaf tea!
Ugh, I keep wanting to make it to the gym but it is so hard to get moving in the morning. I am supposed to go to a mama and kids yoga group tomorrow. Hopefully I'll make it since I said I would go. I am hoping that time will give me back some energy and I can get back into working out during this pregnancy. I have read some stats about exercising mamas having quicker labors and I really need this labor to not be an eternity!
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