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Yoga (at a studio, if I do yoga at home it is more difficult to get into a good, relaxed place); reading on the sofa after everybody is asleep; watching bad tv or escaping the house for a night out with girlfriends. Sex with my husband is good too!
I was working two part time jobs and I just went to one full-time job. Honestly, I found two part time jobs to be alot for me. One full-time job is alot easier.
I give our babysitter a check for Christmas and a Target or Starbucks gift card for her birthday. I also write a gushy thank you note telling her how much we love and appreciate her. For teachers, I usually give either chocolates from Trader Joes, bookstore gift cards or gift cards for teacher supply stores. Or I give for a classroom gift. This year all teachers that my kids have are getting Cub Scout popcorn tins (caramel corn or chocolate covered popcorn). And a...
kerpav - I was going to ask if you live in Chicago, but I figured out that you live in another urban setting... My daughter is in a high performing Chicago Public School and has 38 kids in her kindergarten class. The principal is trying to find space for more classrooms - she can get the extra teaching staff and we expect another teacher soon, but the physical space is a huge issue. Our school already has a mobile unit adjacent to the school, but the school is at...
We have a deck box on our patio for balls, bats, mits, sand toys, etc.
I have a friend pick my older son up at the babysitter to get him to camp. I have also asked grandparents to drive him back and forth to camp. How about another parent whose child goes to the same camp? I know that it is super tricky - I like to be able to reciprocate when I ask for favors -otherwise I offer to pay for their assistance.
All great ideas. We have separate totes for food and supplies and duffel bags (with an outfits in grocery bags), but I leave all the camping packing to my husband. He packs all the gear, I pack kids and my own clothes and toiletries. Packing for camping is enough to make me crazy, crazy, crazy... We have a pop-up camper and that does make it easier, but there is still so much to haul. I would prefer a cabin!
We get Ranger Rick and Highlights and I find that my son (age 8) is really into them, and my daughter (age 5) is not as interested. Being able to read makes "getting mail" even more fun...
mamaley - My 8 year old son sounds alot like your ds. He can be very sweet and fun and then moody and sassy. He "corrects" other people and can cop an attitude. He has always had impulse control issues and we are working on that. I am quick to correct him if he blames other people for his bad mood. Of course all kids are different, but you son sounds fairly typical to me! Good luck with the summer.
I hear you. When we were first married, my husband went back to school (in nursing) and I was the main breadwinner for many years. He is now making alot more money and it is a relief for me. I think it is hard to be the main breadwinner no matter what, but it is even harder if you have small kids and if there is something else that you want to be doing professionally. You are totally allowed to vent! Hang in there and figure out what you need to do in order to...
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