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Banana, hard boiled egg, pb&j sandwich, yogurt or granola bar.
Here are my ideas: Simon Says Pretend you are an animal... Kids Yoga (some great videos out there!) Dance Freeze tag Trike in the house Music with actions (head, shoulders, knees and toes) Good luck!!!!
My son is in 3rd grade and is really struggling with writing. All of it: spelling, handwriting and grammar. He is a fairly strong reader and he is reading age appropriate books, but I don't know how to enhance his writing. He likes to make comic books, so I encourage that. He just got his report card and he actually got a "D" in writing. A big part of that is his spelling tests - he really struggles with spelling. He gets assistance from the OT at school for...
I think I would opt to do the day program. It's shorter and you get to spend time with your little one at bedtime. I think even though the day "seems" long, your babe will take at least one nap while you are gone during the day. And I think that being with the babe in the evening is nice - you will get to do dinner, bath, snuggle time togehter. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!
My son went into public school in kindergarten and my daughter will start next year. I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of our public school.
My friend teaches at a school that is selling compact florescence light bulbs as a fundraiser. I thought that was a good idea. My son's school sells classroom gift certificates at the holidays. Parents can buy classroom gift certificates for teachers and the teachers can buy any classroom supplies on their wish list. My husband and I love this one. We also do an annual silent auction (very time intensive) and the entire host of other fundraisers (Market Day, Kemps...
Across the street from our house. Very handy for us!
I work in the development office part-time at a Catholic high school for girls. I am the Grant and Communications Coordinator, so I write grant proposals and do PR. It's okay. I only work 15 hours a week, so I go into the office on M/W/F for 5 hours. And the school is 5 minutes from home. It's my alma mater and I do feel strongly about single gender educations for girls, so I like that part. I also teach yoga - just two classes a week. In my former career I worked...
Have you considered doing child care from your home for another child? Then you would be home with your child AND have some money at the end of the day...
I was home full time (except for teaching a few yoga classes) for 5 years. I am so glad that I was able to do it, but I didn't love it all the time. I missed having personal space - the kind that a desk and a train ride allowed. I am back to work part-time and it is still hard for me to find a balance. I think it is all good and it's all hard!
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