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We just took DD to the Ped. this week for her school check-up. She is 40.5 in. and weighs 31lbs. She is off the chart in weight on the low side. Our Ped was not concerned. She said kids tend to be this way at this age. She just wants to see what she does next year. She pretty much expects her to always be way on the low end of the chart. DH and I are not concerned about it at all since we know what she eats.
I have gotten mine at Wal-mart.
DD took parent-tot lessons at the YMCA with DH from 6 months on. They found the big pool to be much cooler than the kiddie pool. Have a good time!
DS sleeps in 4 hour clips at night. However, he does not take long naps during the day. Your DD is fine. Enjoy the naps.
When I started moving around more I definetly bled more. It seemed to come in a gush and then there would be nothing for a few days. Eli did great in his car seat today. No hysterical crying. He did get fussy on both trips home from DD's school, but I was able to distract him with noises. He was actually cooing on the way to pick up DD. It is so nice and such a relief! We also do not vax. And we have a great Ped. who didn't bat an eye when we told her.
My DS is 8 weeks old and he does the same thing if I don't have the conditions EXACTLY right for him. I have to go out though to take DD to preschool and gymnastics. Otherwise we stay home. Today, for instance, he slept on the way to DD's school. Then he woke up once we went inside. I took him out and then put him back in when we were leaving. He cried the whole way home (tired I think). Then when we went to get her he was perfectly fine. He was wide awake and calm,...
DD started walking at 9 months.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamao'two dd did better when we put her in a covertible car seat. We switched to it earlier than 20 lbs and just left her facing backwards. We got a 5-80lbs one. Someone else recommended this to me. How old was your DD? I am seriously thinking of getting one this weekend. He would need it eventually anyway.
Hello everyone! Eli is 7.5 weeks and doing great. We had him weighed on the 6th and he was at 11.8lbs. He is already in 3-6 month clothes. 0-3 are too short for him. He is sleeping 3-4 hours at night. The only complaint I have is that he hates his carseat. He gets VERY upset in it. But I don't have a choice because I have to take DD to school. It breaks my heart, but I have kind of learned to half way tune it out. I have to otherwise I would be crying right along with...
How old is your baby? When DD was a newborn she started turning blue 3 times. Each time we had to sit her up and some mucus would come out. It was quite scary! She is 4 now and doing fine.
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