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Hi,   I have been a member here a while, but haven't posted in a couple years I think. Time really does fly. I have an 8yo, an almost 5yo, and am expecting a boy in October. I am a fulltime mama and college student. I also work as a CNA, but am not working right now because of my pregnancy.   Nice to 'meet' everyone again!   Meredith
I have 4 daycare kids right now!!!! WHo hoo!!!! It has also just become apparent that I will HAVE to homeschool our kindergartener. She was in PS, but it is REAAAALLLYYY no working out!!!! How can I work in the time to homeschool dd into my 6a to 6p daycare schedule? ACK! HMMMM naptime?!?
I hope to be joining the child care provider ranks soon!!! I hope to be able to get my liscence by spring. (I have to fence in our paly area first, and fencng is expensive!!!) I am trying to find a child or 2 to watch in the meantime. But I havent had any luck just yet.
I was really wanting to do at home daycare, so that I could work and be with my kids too. It looks like childcare is CHEAP here in tennessee Most people in my area pay $100 a week TOPS for fulltime daycare!!! Most only pay around $85!!!!! I thought daycare would be a way that I could supplement our income, but now I am not so sure.......................... so, If you do daycare in your home, how much do YOU charge?!?
Do you have a seperate playroom for daycare kids? Or do your daycare kids play in your kids room(s)? I am leaning towards having a seperate playroom because I want to keep my kids fave toys in their room so they can be "safe" from the daycare kids getting them. I hope that way will give my own children a sense of privacy in their own home, you know? What would you do in this situation?!?
What are school mornings like for you? pretty stress free, even if we do have to hurry sometimes Do you get up and get yourself ready for the day before you get the kids up? If the kids are both still sleeping when I wake up, then I let them play/snuggle in my bed and/or watch PBS for 15 mins while I get shower and dress. If they are still asleep then I just let them sleep until I am ready. If you also have younger kids who aren't in school, do you get them...
dd1 jsut started kindergarten, so I have cracked down on bedtime around here -dinner -cleanup time. common areas and the kids room -bath -jammies, brush teeth and hair -snack -storytime -fiona(5) goes to bed in her room by herself now!!!!! (I put a chart in her room and she gets a sticker for every night she goes to sleep by herself, and I promised to take her to Chuck E Cheese when her chart is full. A Bribe??? yes. Is it working? YES!!!!!) -and maddie and I go...
I have been right where you are, and it sucks!!! After 3 months of persistant coughing, I finally got a new dr for my little one. We started albuterol and pulmicort at 10 mo. and poor maddie finally stopped coughing all. the. time. I would urge you to try the albuterol. really. I know we are all crunchy, med free, homeopathic remedy here; but there is a place for albuterol. really. Have you ever had bronchitis? You know how hard it is to feel like you are getting...
I'm there too!!! I wish I could tell you what to do, but I am still trying to figure it out myself.
yep should work just fine The otto has *plenty* of room in the crotch. If you are making the rrp for an older baby you Could add a little to the crotch to give you a bit more room for leg ruffles *and* stuffing. happy sewing!!!
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