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Oh, I meant the 22 year old has jealousy issues. The other kids do surprisingly well on that front, but my oldest was an only for 11 years and for a lot that it was just me and him. Suddenly he gets a stepfather, my FIL living with us, siblings and other kids moving in (we have raised some nephews and nieces as well as our own kids). He's grown now, has already moved out and back in but those feelings still linger. I think his intense criticism of everything I do with his...
Thanks for the replies! You're right, just because I want CP doesn't necessarily mean we need/have to do any others. Looking at the schedule, I realize if I do cp now and wait a couple years, I can do one shot of most things rather than do a catch up now and a booster later. If we do them.
Thank you all for the replies! You have mostly said what I already know/think/feel but it is nice to have it reinforced! My oldest who was public schooled showed zero interest in reading for himself until Harry Potter. My DD was very motivated in general because she wanted to navigate the world around her, signs and words on the tv screen, the internet, the cereal boxes etc. My younger ds seems motivated by video games because everyone else is getting tired of being called...
Ok. I would like some advice and perspective here. My oldest child was fully vaxxed. He's 22 now. My dd who is about to turn 11 and ds who is 9 were vaxxed almost fully, they were four and two when we stopped. When I was pregnant with my ds who is 7 I started researching because of an article I read in Mothering magazine that my midwife gave me. Long story short, that ds and my 2 year old dd have never been vaxxed at all.   But now I'm considering catching them up....
I started out homeschooling and evolved quickly to unschooling as I saw it work! My 10yr old dd learned to read at age 7 with little ado. Some ABC posters, starfall.com and me reading first reader books to her while using my finger to show her the words and she was reading within a week of asking to read, reading well above grade level by the end of the month. My 6 year old ds has shown the same enthusiasm (will turn 7 this month) and we are following the same course. I...
that's a good point
Just curious what others would do
Wow, thank you! I've searched and searched for it, do not know why I couldn't find it!
Thanks, I'd like to have it for my personal files, it was in the unschooling forum and the title was The Warehousing of American Children
Are there threads that are archived and if so, can I access them? I'm looking for a specific post I made about four years ago and cannot find it anywhere. I'm wondering if it was archived or deleted?
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