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Quote: Originally Posted by peaceful_mama Can I lurk here? I have 3 now...turned 5 in Oct. (ds) turned 3 in January (dd) and 15 months (ds) *I* want ONE more, I think dh would probably have more. Some days. Other days he says 3 is plenty, even too many lol. I do NOT want one more until 2011, lol. Part of it is because I am HOPING, PRAYING and thinking that DS WILL be in a high-parental-involvement school in our district and that I will have...
Great website, thanks!
Cool, I hadn't even heard of that one! I won't bother to read this one then. That's why I came here to get recommendations!
Just curious about this as I always seen a lot of discussions about night weaning children. All four of my kids held onto the night nursing longest, well after they had given up daytime nursing. My almost three year old nurses only at bedtime and during the night. So I'm wondering if night weaning is the norm. Did anyone else day wean first or am I freak of nature?
See, now that's what I was afraid of. We totally do the family bed and never ever cio! However, I AM interested in the science of it. But I don't want to waste my time reading something that goes against everything I believe. The person who recommended it said the book says there is a certain wave of sleep that kids miss out on completely if they are not asleep by 830pm. I am curious about this. My kids have NEVER been asleep that early, never! Yet they get all the sleep...
Has anyone read this and if so, was it worth reading? It was recommended to me and I'm just wondering if there are any sentiments about this book either way. Let me know and thanks!
While sleep was not one of the main factors in my decision to homeschool, it is definitely one of the huge benefits! I remember when my oldest was in school, between early school, after school activities, homework, it was very frustrating to try and get enough sleep in!
Well, I mean, I know that if I think well, if there were NO other issues, and I could freely sah and money were no issue then...yes, I'd have more. But there ARE other issues and frankly half the time I feel overloaded with the ones I already have!! Of course it didn't help that this friend has the same number of kids I do and we have had all our kids at roughly the same time so that their ages all line up. It just feels like if she is pregnant I should be too! And I...
Wow. I thought I was done having kids. But my reaction to a friends news of a new pregnancy was to almost burst into tears because it wasn't me!! Wow, that's not consistent is it?
claddaghmom: THANK YOU! Yes, this is exactly what I want to do! I have done so much research on the regular childhood vaxes and we opted out of them all, but this one never crossed my radar til now. Checking titers is an excellent idea Emmeline!! Whiddle: I am planning to discus it with him. He is 18 and he should be included in this decision, but I would like to take some actual facts to him. And yes, I agree, it's a low chance of him getting it but progresses from...
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