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Im so sad! I LOVE this show!
Kids are so literal. My dd was really very upset the other day when I got frustrated and said my head was going to explode....
Quote: Originally Posted by blessed Sorry to quote myself, but no one has answered this yet. So for the people who insist that they sound the same, which one are you doing? Are you pronouncing full and cool like full and cull (bull, pull, etc), or like fool and cool (tool, pool, etc)? I thought I did answer! I use the short vowel sound in all, so when I say fool it sounds more like full. Now, when I say foolish, I use the longer...
Here's an example of what I mean. Today Im at a daycare to work on language development with a two year old who has a documented hearing loss. Everyone at this daycare knows this about her (her mother works there, they know). They are at snack when I arrive so I sit with the class and at one point she gets up and wanders off. I call her name and motion for her to come back. It is beyond noisy in this open area as about three classes are having snack at the same time. A...
People do NOT pay attention! I had a guy in a parking lot whip into the spot next to me, I mean FAST and came within a fraction of an inch of hitting my STROLLER! Thankfully all the kids were already loaded into the van but he didnt know that. It was obvious to me that he never saw me or the stroller until AFTER he was parked.
I once spent an entire pregnancy listening to my mother berate my name choice for the baby and tell me how horrible it was. He has his fathers middle name. His name is Todd, I dont really get her extreme dislike of the name. But I cannot imagine someone saying something like that about a childs name! Espcially given that its already her name and that she doesnt know you at all! And I also love the name, forget about that woman! She has a screw loose or something.
What about the thing where Sun is having the baby and Jin is saying he has not wife/child and someone is talking to Sun about how Jin died? What is up with that?
Well, I think he believes that Lynette is exagerrating or that she sees Kayla in the worst light, you know, over reacting. I mean, no one wants to think that thier child could be evil. However, if she had just threatened my toddler, that would tear it for me. Id be outta there! But then, Tom can't just turn his back on her, can he? she IS troubled, Lynette is actually trying to get her help, Tom just refuses to see the issue. Tom does not believe Kayla...
Well, now Todd begged her to come home and be his little girl again and said she could date cole, but starr had to say no and hang up on him becuase he doesnt know she's pregnant. But he will. Langston just spilled the beans!!
Maybe he could only affored four?
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