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It's funny that my mom was one who wouldnt let his bday go without getting him 'SOMETHING' when she is the main one who was complaining that we need to stop having kids, its too expensive with all these bdays!
My kids LOVE the magic school bus and so do I. They really love "Inside Ralphy" and so do I, right up til the end where they talk about all the things you should do to stay healthy, including vaxing. Last week my dd brings me a book in the docs waiting room, thats normal. I read it to her. It was all about Pooh and his friends getting thier vaccinations and how it barely hurts and is good for you. When I hit the moment I realized where it was going, my voice kinda...
I just worry she'll want to go to school because everyone else does! My oldest child and dn that lives with us go. DS1 hs last year but chose to go back (mostly cuz his dad, my ex, threw such a holy fit about it I suspect and maybe a little to see his friends everyday). But she did go to preschool for all of two weeks, there was an incident and we stopped going (snack being withheld at snacktime cuz she didnt want to color at coloring time). She loved it right up til...
We both woh but we are very lucky and blessed to have fil live with us and thats his job, to be home with the kids!
Thanks for the suggestions. The thing is, we arent having a party so that no one feels obligated and really, its only the one relative. Sigh. I just hate to see her waste money on something he doesnt need. I mean, when he's older and knows its his birthday, its a bit diffrent, Id be happy for him to just have his cake this year!! Oh well, I guess the pp is right, it makes the giver happy.
DS3 is turing one. Im not having a big party. Just us, those that live here in this house, a simple cake after dinner. I have said "no gifts" but have relatives that insist. The issue is, I have so much crap in my house now! We are trying to clean out and get rid of stuff. The toys get dumped everywhere, there are about 18 toy boxes in my home. WAAAAAAAAAY too much. He also doesnt really need clothes as he is my third boy and has scads of older boy cousins with good hand...
I overheard a mom the other day use this phrase: "It's not for us". Thats it. No matter what the comment was. After about the fourth "Its not for us" the subject was dropped. And God bless her but she did it with a smile! eta: the "it" being public school, if that wasnt obvious!
DD is only four. Everyone wants to know if she's going to school next year, her cousin tells her she'll love it. Everyone on tv and in books seems to go. Sigh. For now, she is calling little gym her school and thats fine. But will this get to be a problem? She always asks for her cousin to come over and we have to tell her she cant cuz she's at school. Seriously, she doesnt really get what school is yet but yet she seems to be assualted by it's prescence at every...
People are idiots. DD has a cousin who tried to convince her how much fun school is. Two weeks later, same cousin says she hates school.
I know! I had to quash the impulse to point out that when she's a grown up, he will be too! But she seems to think she'll be grown up soon, like in a few days!!!
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