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I love it I cannot sew you are sew creative
Lila That Crown do you have a pattern and know what needles and yarn to use? my toddler turns 3 next month and I would love to make it since Iam on bedrest due to major surgery
8pm read books 8:30pm bath girls 1 &2.5 yrs old use california baby overly tired and cranky bubble bath then rub them down with a oil or lotion meant to calm and relax then diapers and pajamas then tuck into bed.Toddler is potty training so we go to the potty last.
This is for personal use only not for resale. I hope you don't mind... I "translated" your pattern. Here it is written out to indicate where the increases and decreases go. sc = single crochet increase = 2sc in next stitch decrease = sc next two sts together 1. 6sc in adjustable loop 2. Increase around – 12 stitches 3. (1sc, increase) around – 18 stitches 4. (2sc, increase) around – 24 stitches 5. (3sc, increase) around – 30 stitches 6. (4sc, increase) around...
Crocheted using as a potty training tool with my toddler who was scared to poo in the potty.I put it in her potty chair and said happy poo then put it on the floor and said sad poo she went poopy in her potty and then said yeah happy poohttp://puchitomato.livejournal.com/16545.html
We have the insert for the big potty because she is scared of sitting on the big potty otherwise.
We have had problems with accidents on the floor of poo so I had this made http://puchitomato.livejournal.com/16545.html I put it in her potty chair and tell her happy poo then I put it on the floor and say sad poo.She poops in her potty now and says yeah happy poop We also have the book Everyone Poops.We give her 2 pez candies for pee and a bite size chocolate for poo.
1,40 or 1,47 are the best to use when doing 2 at a time on one pair of cirrcular needles I think there is a guy on ebay that sells them and there are local yarn shops that sell them where you live do you have an upper end yarn shoppe?
Iam magic looping 2 socks toe up at one time on size 3,40 addys so when Iam done I will have a pair of socks Iam going to do the monkey pattern by cookieA
wow so cute
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