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have you decided to go for it then? how hard will it be for you to find a preceptor?
i don't know about child friendly search engines, but several good sites have sections for kids, like national geographic for kids, BBC kids, CBC kids, the government of Canada etc. or are you looking specifically for a database for kids?
some of them are comfy
what did you end up deciding to do?
i've never heard of this program, thanks for sharing. hopefully someone here has some feedback for you.
good question, i don't know any other ones either but i'm bumping your thread in hopes that someone else does :)
that sounds like a difficult situation. i am bumping your thread in hopes that someone has some good input to offer.
it is such a hard time when they are in that transition! unfortunately i think it is really child dependent how long it takes them to get used to not napping, but i can't see it lasting a year :) hope it gets better soon!
that sounds crummy. hang in there!
congratulations! that does sound exciting. any idea when you might start working?
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