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i don't know if it's really that nutty. the new NRP standards recommend starting resuscitation with room air, so at the very least your midwife should have a bag. maternal oxygen for emergencies is not evidence based and doesn't really seem to make a difference. i would just ask her why she doesn't carry oxygen. and for the record i'm not saying a midwife *shouldn't* carry oxygen, just that she may have a legitimate reason.
i am in the third year of the MEP ... definitely very challenging with kids, and mine are all a bit older but still it's tough. somehow we are making it through one day at a time. at least when i am a midwife i will be home and won't wonder where i am moving, i can take less clients if i need to and i will always have my kids with me. when you are required to move around it sure complicates things, especially considering i am not from Ontario.
i did the same Asiago! i'd completely forgotten.
that sounds like a tricky situation. have you thought of cross-posting this to the blended/step parenting forum?
thanks for sharing! that would be wonderful if every woman had this option.
i am so glad you have an appointment, i just wish you wouldn't have to wait so long   i would call the motherisk helpline: 1-877-439-2744   they will be able to tell you what is safe and what isn't . here is the link http://www.motherisk.org/women/index.jsp   please let us know how things go.
my first baby was like that also, i had to be moving all the time. i have no magical advice but i am wondering if you have someone who wouldn't mind wearing her and moving her around while you can catch a bit of sleep.   hang in there, this too shall pass.
hmmmmm i think i would ask for an u/s to rule out retained product. i don't think it is necessarily bad but if the bleeding doesn't change then i would probably persist a bit more for an answer.
welcome!  hope you enjoy it here
that's a good question. i guess for me it would depend on the route i was taking and if i generally trusted the drivers along that route. but i probably wouldn't unless i had no choice.
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