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i guess it would really depend on who your care provider is and their thoughts on gestational diabetes. did you take the 2 hour glucose challenge test? i'm wondering why you decided to monitor your blood glucose. unfortunately i'm not familiar with using that method of screening, or is it considered a random or fasting blood glucose level?
awwww, that sounds like it requires a lot of patience and understanding, something that can be hard to find when you are going through something like that.   i don't have super terrific suggestions that will make things go away quickly, but i think that being patient, redirecting behaviour and noticing the behaviour you do want could be helpful. this stage won't last forever and i hope you find some concrete ideas you can use that will make a noticeable difference.
i will be thinking of you and hoping that everything turns out well for you.
shakyjelly,   i hope you choose to stick around, at least on mothering.com! pick the posts that work for you in this thread and ignore the rest. bad things happen, but they happen in everyday life as you've said. it would be too bad if we made all our decisions based on fear.   good luck! if you need support, feel free to pm me. :)
oh goodness, i sure remember that feeling when i was pregnant. and i always felt so sad for my little nursling it sounds like you are doing a great job supporting your little one through the change, i can't think of any suggestions. good luck!
how are things today?  how is your baby and your son? was he around anyone who was sick lately? or around large groups of kids at all?
that is so interesting, the transports i have seen have run much more smoothly than you described, so i guess it just depends on where you live. that being said, i do completely agree that a woman does need to understand that time from a hospital should be a factor, and it is not unwise to ask those questions.   but, breaking down the decision to having a VBAC based soley on time to transfer to a hospital for some women is not the only factor many women make their...
not sure what the 2.7% rate is referring too ... uterine rupture rates are lower than that, 1.0% is the highest i've seen overall in the research/guidelines. i guess things work differently in the US then as far as transferring, they seem to have run much more smoothly here, but then midwives have hospital privilages. that is too bad.   you can have a lovely natural childbirth in a hospital, yes, but that does not make it a lovely out of hospital birth with a midwife,...
can you find another care provide? maybe agree to more testing in lieu of an induction. i realize it is difficult to say no, but if you show up at the hospital past 42 weeks close to pushing, there isn't much they can do.
have you also tried posting in your finding the tribe area?
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