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yaa! one more battle to avoid
i completely support you in looking around until you find a VBAC friendly care provider who will provide accurate information and support you in your desire for a VBAC.   although it is not ideal to have your babies close together after a c-section, that by no means rules you out from having a VBAC.
the fleece liners i used i bought but they were just a single layer of fleece cut into a shape that would fit into a diaper. if i had another baby i would totally make my own. i would think that the dye in your fleece blanket would be fine if it has been washed and dried. i wouldn't worry about an absorbent center either, the fleece just helps keep the moisture off your baby's bum.
i don't blame you for being nervous, but it will be better than it sitting in a box. maybe you could take it into a fabric store and ask them about it to see what they think.
  right, but depending on where you are, you can phone ahead to the OR, you can draw a woman's blood while preparing to transport, start an IV and have her ready to go straight to the OR when she is in the hospital. regardless, it may be in the comfort level of the OP to accept this risk, and i hope she does not feel judged in a negative light for making such a choice.
to the OP, it can be difficult to get black and white information about VBAC because you really do have to dig around for accurate information, and i am not even sure that we have good research on out of hospital VBAC's (that i can think of off the top of my head anyway). we do practice in a culture of fear and litigation which can cloud information that is being passed along. and aside from involving the "risks", choosing a VBAC is also an emotional journey for many...
interesting idea. i have no suggestions however , but i look forward to hearing what you come up with and how it all works out!
i think it would depend on where in ontario but i don't think up to $1000 would be unexpected. i can't comment on payment plans though, i would just go ahead and contact them. good luck!
i can't see it being an issue to cut through the fabric as long as you finish the seams so that the fabric doesn't unravel.
how are things now? does he still have a diaper rash? i don't see any harm in eliminating milk to see if that is a factor, but it could also be the longer night stretches in his diaper. are you using a fleece liner in the diaper? i found that helped keep the moisture off. good luck!
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